Oswald Innocence Project–Dead Wrong!


  Above is the picture in question, that they claim is really Lee Harvey Oswald.They also claim that almost every picture of Billy Lovelady was faked, or imposter Loveladys were used to coverup that their patsy was in the doorway at the time shots were fired in Dallas. Therefore Lee is innocent. I also think Lee didn’t fire any shots that day, and that he was where he said he was…in the 1st. floor lunchroom. And I’ll prove it with facts and logic.
    First let me say, as a JFK researcher, it is good to see other like minded individuals being proactive and trying to give definitive proof of Oswald’s innocence.  Having listened to and read Ralph Cinque and Jim Fetzer’s shows and articles, and having a back and forth with Richard Hooke, I know what they are trying to prove and why they believe in their theory. This not a personal hit job, I just believe, from the established evidence, that their theory holds no water. 
     Normally, in an investigation, evidence is gathered, and the evidence either proves guilt, proves innocence, or there is just not enough evidence to prove anything. When you start with a theory and manufacture your own evidence to support that theory, coupled with assumptions that can never be proven, you open yourself up to harsh criticism in the JFK research community. In this community, if you get behind a theory, that can be proven false, you can be quickly marginalized and not taken seriously on anything you say and find yourself on the outside looking in very quickly. In this advanced technological era of computers, and photoshop, and  CGI, anything is possible. I could make a picture of Lee Harvey Oswald and JFK having a drink on the moon from my phone and have it look damn real.  I will heretofore layout my argument as to why these guys, though they mean well, got it wrong.


   Their go to argument is that Oswald said in Capt. Fritz’s interrogation notes, that he was out front with Bill Shelley. The problem with this statement is that the notes are pieces of a conversation, bullet points if you will, and not written verbatim like a novel. How can you be sure the question wasn’t about Roy Truly? Oswald had said that he saw Truly and two others with rifles in the building. Fritz- “So where was Mr. Truly at the time of the shooting?” Oswald-“Out front with Bill Shelley” Oswald had ALREADY said he was eating lunch on the 1st floor and on 2nd floor when officer came in. It’s obvious Fritz was asking the whereabouts of SOMEBODY, and Oswald had already told him where HE was.  This is an ASSUMPTION to think that Oswald was relaying where HE was at, at the time of the shooting. Charles Givens and BILL SHELLEY testified that when they last saw Oswald he was the first floor when HE came down to eat at about noon. Carolyn Arnold testified to seeing Oswald on the first floor at 12:25. At 12:32, Oswald is stopped on the 2nd. floor by Baker and Truly, and is also seen by Mrs. Reid at about this same time. Shelley and LOVELADY were seen together after the assassination walking towards the knoll and also around back by the elevator.You can’t base your entire theory on an ASSUMPTION, and then ignore the testimony of multiple credible witnesses.
    The second mistake, in my opinion, is to use post arrest photos of Oswald to compare to the Doorway man. In this same set of notes, Oswald claimed he had made it back to his rooming house and changed his “britches” before heading to the theater. This also supported by his landlady Earlene Roberts…she states Oswald rushed in and grabbed a short jacket…he was in his room long enough to miss a DPD cruiser out front honking the horn, then driving away, and could have had enough time to change his clothes quickly. And all Ms. Roberts saw was LHO putting on a short coat as he walked out the door.

  Now the brown shirt he was arrested in could easily be misconstrued as a jacket by an elderly lady with bad eyesight as Lee walked quickly by and out the door.


Now to say that no no no he had a jacket on, well he wasnt arrested in one, and did he ditch it after shooting Tippit? No real researcher believes Lee shot Tippit, so
where and why would he grab a JACKET, and ditch it somewhere for no reason? He didn’t, so that leaves one option…he wasn’t wearing that brown shirt at the depository, so the comparison to Doorway Man is not feasible in that respect. Also if the next video does show Lee leaving the TSBD, you can clearly see he is not wearing the brown shirt he was arrested in, it looks more like an unbuttoned cardigan and also looks like he is wearing jeans, which he wasn’t arrested in, and backs up his claims.

     The next argument they make concerns Oswald’s t-shirt….


And the “v-neck” appearance that they say matches Doorway Man….


They try to say that Lee had a habit off tugging on his shirt to give it this loose hanging appearance. This is supported by one guy that knew Lee in the Marine Corps 5 years earlier…Now, realistically who remembers something that inane quirk about someone they barely knew, 5 years after the fact? I can’t remember daily activities 5 years ago…what makes more sense to me is that it is an established fact that Lee was in a tussle with Officer McDonald in the theater when they were trying to arrest him. He was also dragged out of the theater screaming police brutality. I’m sure someone grabbed him by the shirt at some point to move him around and stretched it out…there can also be seen stress tears in the seam of the collar of the t-shirt…to get holes on this part of a shirt, it is not from wear, it is from a violent grab or pull. The v-neck appearance on Doorway Man is clearly a shadow of Lovelady’s head.


I mean look at him, they beat the hell out of him….it just makes SENSE and supports the testimony of himself and others.

   The last thing I want to address is all of their so-called “anomalies” in the Altgens photo.


They point to the black mans face oddly positioned in the mid section of Lovelady, the “obfuscated” man they claim has been whited out behind the black lady in the foreground, the odd height of the black lady’s hair, the Black Hole man with arms raised, and the “missing shoulder” of Doorway Man.
      Now when you look at this scene from a different perspective, you will see clearly where the mysterious black man’s head comes from…


If his body is behind the corner of the doorway, then all you will see from Altgen’s perspective is the head, which you can see is lined up with Doorway Man’s torso. Also in the next picture is the “obfuscated man” whos been “whited out”, but is clearly someone in a white shirt shielding the sun from their eyes. From Altgen’s perspective, the elbow is pointed at the camera, and with a white arm in front of a white shirt creates an illusion until you look at a little more closely. A wider shot will reveal….


The reason for the black lady’s hair height….there is a woman in black standing in front of “obfuscated” man…not so mysterious now eh? The black hole man is pretty simple…when you shield your eyes with both hands AND arms, it will create a shadow on your face!….And lastly the case of the missing shoulder on Doorway Man…
   It looks to me that Altgens caught Lovelady at a slightly turned angle which gives the illusion of a missing shoulder, the Altgens photo was not taken straight ahead, but more at a 45° angle to the doorway. The distance from camera to person, the effects of angles and light and shadow, and perspective all play a HUGE part on this tiny piece of history captured forever on film that day. In closing, OIC, you can keep manufacturing your “evidence”, but you’ll NEVER convince this guy! So please stop trying to make something out of nothing and trying to force your opinion on others…when you actually do a little research, your whole hypothesis seems rather foolish. Please focus your energy and attention on something worthwhile to the community, you are wasting everyone’s time…and frankly Jim Fetzer, I expected better of you, Dr. of critical thinking and logic….


3 thoughts on “Oswald Innocence Project–Dead Wrong!

  1. Good effort, but unavailing. In the first paragraph, for example, you state, “I also think Lee didn’t fire any shots that day, and that he was where he said he was…in the 1st. floor lunchroom.” But in the fourth paragraph, you acknowledge that Lee told Fritz he was “out with Bill Shelley in front”. While you offer hypothetical scenarios in which that does not mean “during the shooting”, if Fritz did not ask that question, then Fritz would have been completely incompetent, since that was the most important question to ask. Lee also cannot have meant after the shooting, because Shelley and Lovelady toward the railroad tracks immediately thereafter, as we have explained many times.

    It might be a good idea to inform your readers that we have published a series of articles about this issue, beginning with “JFK Special: Oswald was in the doorway, after all!”, on Veterans Today. Go to “Veterans Today, Jim Fetzer”, and you can scroll down to find them. There are five in the series. Then there are additional studies, including “JFK believe it or not: Oswald wasn’t even a shooter!”, “JFK: 49 Years in the Offing–The Altgens Reenactment”, and (most recently) “The JFK Altgens6: Billy Shelley’s shrunken head”, where there are more to come. This blog only addresses a few of the many proofs that Doorman was Oswald (with at least 27 points of identification, possibly 50)!

    And that Doorman was not Lovelady, where Billy had even gone to the FBI on 29 February 1964 to show them the shirt he was actually wearing that day. It was a red-and-white, vertically striped and short-sleeved shirt, which bore no resemblance whatever to the shirt worn by Doorman. The FBI took photographs of Billy in the shirt. Unless Lovelady was lying to the FBI about the shirt he was wearing during the assassination of the President of the United States–and why would ANYBODY DO THAT?–we are forced to conclude that, given the two alternatives, Doorman was not Lovelady.

    There are multiple indications that the photograph was altered, including the obfuscated face just to the left/front of Doorman (right/front looking at the photograph), that Doorman’s left shoulder is missing (impossible unless he does not have a clavicle), that Black Tie Man is both IN FRONT OF and ALSO BEHIND Doorman at the same time (like an Escher cube, another blatant impossibility), and the odd profile of a black man (which, compared to the others, is relatively unimportant). The only reason to have altered the Altgens would have been if someone had been there who should not have been, where the only obvious candidate for that role was the designated patsy himself.

    • Jim,
      Thank you for taking the time to read and reply.I listen to your radio show religiously and am a big fan of your work. I never said that Lee told fritz that he was out front with Bill Shelley. While we don’t know the questions asked, to assume that Lee was referring to his own whereabouts at the time of the shooting is presumptuous. a responsible police officer would established that fact early in the interview. Lee had already stated that he was in the first floor lunchroom, therefore the probability that he was referring to someone else and as to their whereabouts is more probable. Also the Weigman photo clearly shows how people were arranged on the steps in the doorway. To assume that every photo taken in Dealey Plaza that day was altered or faked is also an improbability.what you see in the Altgens photo is known as a 2d layering affect. When viewed from Altgens perspective everything looks flat and 2 dimensional where is in reality, people were spaced out and not on top of each other. The effects of angles, light, and shadow all play a big part in this piece of 50 year old photography. All these factors can distort a human image taken from so far away, and can account for the different looking Loveladys.

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