One Last Time

  I said I was done with them, but Ralph Cinque and the OIC want to continue to talk shit about me. Sorry but I’m not the type of guy to stand by idlely while being accused of being someone else or alligning me with John McAdams or David Von Pein and the like….


I hope you liked my blog post about all of you….so to clear some things up, I am not Chancellor Adam Sutler…


I don’t even have an ounce of a clue as to who that even is. You have not encountered me before, but it does not suprise me that others like me feel the need, due to the OIC’s vile manor, dickishness, and stupid ass “theory” you try to push on everyone, to engage you on a level a kin to war. You’re the type of guy I would seriously contemplate punching violently if you were running your lips in my face. I seriously think you need to lay off that HGH man, you got roid rage or something. I had a nice little Facebook page, with pictures of me and my family, and friends I know and went to school with. That is until FB went all CIA with their liberties and can sell and use our information to whomever and whatever purpose they see fit. Not to mention their phone app turns your phone into a spying device for them, able to listen to your calls, read your texts, see your photos, turn your mic and camera on remotely at will. After finding this out, I was done and deleted all my stuff and deactivated my account. Talking about the JFK assassination with like minded people is what I enjoy, and now I’m back incognito. McAdams and others of his ilke are even more pathetic than you are….obviously paid shills and disinfo agents with nothing better to do than roam the net and try to spread the big lie. Clark Rob is not my name, its a persona. I don’t think Oswald shot anybody that day, but he was far from innocent. The reason I attacked you, is because you struck first my friend. Your theory is flawed in so many ways, it’s mind blowing for me that you are so oblivious to the truth. Real researchers do not act the way you do. Your attitude and self rightous bullshit is why people hate you so much. You dont hear any evidence pointed out, have you ever been wrong about anything? I doubt it….being married to you is probably a nightmare. You think because you scream louder than everyone else, people will pay attention? No you get tuned out and marginalized. Anything with your name, Richard Hooke, or Jim Fetzer attached to it means dick to me and will never mean anything anymore, FOREVER!
Who am I? I am part of the network for truth and justice wherever needed…I do not forgive, I do not forget, I am Anonymous, I am Legion, I am coming,
expect me.





5 thoughts on “One Last Time

  1. This is all rather reminiscent of the Scully-Mike Rago dialogue that went on at the Education forums. Oh, the Glory Days ! You handle your prey quite nicely, A. Don’t play with your food unless you plan to eat it.

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