The Fetzer Conundrum….

  Based on Jim Fetzer’s private e-mails, which I won’t publish, and his public comments, which can be found at the end of my (Simplified) post, I feel compelled to write this post because I’ve had a lot on my mind recently, and I’ve been thinking about the big picture of JFK research. This community ebbs and flows with the amount of attention the mainstream media chooses to give us. The good times for researchers were immediately following the assassination, the Garrison case, the HSCA, Hunt on trial, movie JFK, and the AARB. We’ve been in a bit of a lull for almost 15 years as far as anything new goes. Next year marks the 50th anniversary of JFK’s death, and sure there will be movies and new books come out, the one I am most anticipating in David Lifton’s new book on Oswald. After that’s done, we have until 2017 for more records to be released and who knows what, if any new revelations they will hold. A lot of early researchers, have since died, or burned out on the subject, without a whole lot of attention being focused in their work. I know the community infights on damn near every aspect of this case, and can rarely agree on anything.  And I commend the ones still active after all this time, Lifton, Groedon, Di Eugenio, and countless others in the forums and on YouTube. For you to bad mouth Robert Groedon, even if you disagree with him, is abhorable….The contributions he has made and the resolve he shows every time he sets his table up in Dealy Plaza, is commendable. You couldn’t ask for researcher to do more for the truth, which is what we’re all after. I used to have Jim Fetzer on this list of researchers that are still at it, making new discoveries and keeping the subject relevent. I used to think he was great, with his radio show, and guests and articles….that is until this Oswald Innocence Campaign nonsense…and in case you didn’t know, Fetzer is the Chairman of their little project.  For a man who portends to be a philosopher and teacher, his real life attitude towards fledgling researchers is appalling. I kind of liken it to meeting a famous person or athelete, only for them to be the biggest asshole or douchebag, it’s a huge disappointment.
       Hi Jim, I’m half your age and I wasn’t even around when Kennedy was shot, or Garrison was doing his thing, or even for Watergate. I was too young to care about the HSCA, and the thing that got me started was the movie JFK, I was 17 at the time, getting ready to head to college, and really starting to care what was going on in the world around me. We can disagree and debate things all day, but at the end of the day, what have we really done? Aside from satisfying our own curiosity, jack squat. But you know what, I’m one of the few sheeple out here that does get it, and can truly see the world for what it is and how it became this way. The people my age are gonna be the ones keeping this thing alive in the years to come. We are going to be Occupying Dallas, we are going to be sitting in the National Archives pouring through millions of newly released pages, we will be the ones writing the new books and blogs, and we will be the ones in the forums trading info and discussing various topics. We are the future of JFK research and you my friend, are the past. We study the past, we go back and examine other people’s work and evidence, to either add more creedence or disprove other’s theories. At this point, thats all there is to do….For you to discourage young researchers with insults of intellect and intelligence and worthiness of having an opinion is repulsive. We are on the same side, you know, Oswald didn’t do it and all. The more I think about it, what have you done besides ask questions and philosophize on the subject. From what I see, you sir are a coattail rider standing on other people’s research and touting those you agree with this month. The OTHER people’s work you compile into a book, hardly make YOU great. What is it exactly that you discovered and researched on your own? Have you even set foot in the National Archive? You pluck people like Cinque, Costella, Mantic, Wood, Palamara, Horne that do their own work while you stamp your name on the cover. Everything you write is about other people’s work or ideas. You are so desperate to remain relevant that you are now part of the fringe, the cuckoo side, and people are taking notice…but not in the good way. THIS IS HOW YOU REPRESENT US, AND HOW YOU’RE PERCIEVED BY MOST…



Why do think that everywhere you take this theory, you are laughed at, shunned, and banned? It’s because you’re wrong. You cant get one photography expert to back up your claims so that its even plausible. I thought you to be a reasonable man, but now I see the truth….you fit right in with Cinque and Hooke, with their bull headedness, vile manor, and the personal attacks and ridicule, that’s what people do when they cannot backup their claims. Just because you say it’s so, doesn’t make it so. You have NO outside experts backing up your claim. Last time I checked, you or anybody else in your group do not have an expertise in the field of photography, cameras and photos of that era, and you dont have a shred of tangible evidence to support your claim. You have no witness testimony putting Oswald on the stairs, except his own twisted words, not one. And there were alot of employees out there…are they all lying? You are contending Oswald watched the President die, then ran like the devil to the 2nd floor to have a soda…it is just plain stupid and makes no sense whatsoever. Your claim is a theory, based on suppositions, supported by photoshopped pictures. You’ve become a real-life version of a conspiracy theorist cartoon. Based on some of the recent stories and theories you espouse, your credibility is GONE in my eyes. Your personal attacks and insults do not go unnoticed by the rest of the community. I have a voice and an opinion, and I have a right to voice it, that’s THE REAL DEAL!


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