Enough is Enough…The OIC Exposed for the Frauds They Are


  See that there^^^? This was not composed or sent by me, and I can prove it. I don’t know what this bunch of idiots is up to, but you wanna make stuff up about me? You wanna battle fellas? You got it. This “message” was supposedly sent to Ralph on Jan.6th…Sunday. And I was banned by Ralph from his little Facebook group on the Jan.4th…Friday. When you are banned from a page, your ability to comment or post is not even an option. All you can do is look and read what others post. Now, you might say this looks real…but  there are three ways this could’ve been done. The first and obvious is photoshop, cut and paste, it’s not that hard and could be done easily. Remember … photoshopping photos is what they do. The second way this could have been done is by someone hacking my account, but there is no record of me messaging or posting in my sent messages or timeline. Then there is the third option, which I think is what they did. They created a fake email, fake facebook account, and cloned my profile to do what they needed to do, then deactivated the facebook acct. and voila… it appears to be me. He keeps propagating this here on Facebook and the JFK altnet group…



Now, the top message is from Sat. the 5th, close to midnight, and the other is DVP denying knowing what the hell is going on. Also later in the altnet thread, John F. and a couple others said they hsd received e-mails from me.  Again, not true, and most likely done from their fake email they used to fake my cloned profile. Also, when Facebook sends you a notification, they use your profile picture, not your cover picture…this my profile pic…


This is my cover picture…


This is Ralph’s “picture” again…


Seriously amaturish…if your going to fake something, at least do it right.
   So…I’m banned by you on Jan. 4th from posting and commenting on your group page…from my Jan.4th blog post······>


Which, not 2 minutes after this post, he did ban me…and the next day I supposedly try to post on your page, when I dont have an option to, you get a notification any way, with my wrong profile pic on it….trying to align all your haters, and team up with McAdams and Von Pien? Are you serious? Sorry this is getting almost as ridiculous as your stupid, assanine Oswald bullshit…Bottom line is friendo, you have done messed with the wrong one….I dont know what your delusional antique brain is trying to do…is this the only way you think you can discredit me? Because you cant argue the evidence and facts, and the biggest fact is you Ralph Cinque, are a fraud, a charlatan, desperate to be “that” guy that made some great discovery and become rich and famous. But you’re not…not on my watch buddy. So keep trying, I’ve thoroughly discredited the OIC, and all its stupid members. Where’s all your photographic experts that agree with your analysis? There arent any…Where’s all the serious JFK researchers that support your theory? There aren’t any..You’re nothing but a pathetic, desperate, bitter old man who is lying to himself and everybody else. Make way for the new school…




3 thoughts on “Enough is Enough…The OIC Exposed for the Frauds They Are

  1. A load of absolute crap Clark Rob. I know you fabricated this whole story purely to discredit the Oswald Innocence Campaign. You are just butthurt that i blocked you from my fb page. You created the fake profile and the story you were going to form an anti-oswald innocence campaign.. Knowing very well i’d create a big stink about it you then said i made up the story and told Joseph Backes. Like him you are full of guano . We have proved without a shadow of a doubt that Oswald was in the doorway. it’s finished. finito. You are a gutless coward hiding behing Guy Fawkes imagery. You are a disinfo Kennedy Killer agent. stop the lies Oswald OUTSIDE!!! get it through your plucked head

    • Well looky who finally learned how to use Google! Hey Ralphie boy, over here you can say whatever you want, I wont delete your comments. My readers have brains and eyes and are free to form their own opinions about you. Someday you might understand that it doesn’t matter what you say, but how its percieved. And over here there is no hot air, just research and evidence presented. What did you say? Your butthurt? Tell Richard to be more careful with his hook… You are the fraud and I proved it, it really is crazy the lengths you’ll go…and for what? The only people listening to you now, are the 77 dumbasses that “liked” your FB page, and nobody except the Captain ever comments on your page, you’ve been reduced to preaching to no one, go back to selling your snake oil dude…just give it up already…

  2. Ralph, the man (men) behind the mask has (have) a far better chance of exposing ‘Kennedy’s Killers’ than with what you and your posse are trying to pass off. That photo was settled years ago.
    Why don’t you make a documentary film on finding the Kingdom of Shambhala? That script writes itself. Easier than the one you’re trying to come up with. Find another grand obsession. Let’s move on to a better world, in the Terma Tradition.

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