Lifting the Veil…The Grand Conspiracy

   I am going to lay out a picture of a grand conspiracy so large, it’s hard to fathom. But, if true, it is totally mindblowing. I take no credit for the story I am merely a messenger, and after pondering this…I had to share it and get your thoughts. Okay, join me on a trip down the rabbit hole…let’s go….


  Say hello to Aleister Crowley, the father of the modern Satanic movement.  He is also quite possibly the father of Barbara Bush. Do you see the resemblance? ^^^^  Apparently, he had an affair with Barbara’s mother. The practitioner of sex magick was definitely in the right place at the right time to be her father, though Marvin Pierce is officially credited as her father. Now we slide over to the Bush side and start with Prescott Bush. A U.S. senator who was well on his way to becoming a President himself, sidelined by being part of Brown Brothers Harriman that helped finance Hitler’s rise to power and finance the Nazi regime.
    Now here’s where it starts to get weird…there are allegations from Otto Skorzney that Nazi George Sherff Sr. is actually Prescott Bush and that his son George Scherff Jr., is actually George H.W. Bush and that he was sent over to spy in his teens on one Nikola Tesla and his discoveries of free energy.



This little George was such a pest to Tesla, that he earned the nickname “Curious George”, becoming a famous book character as a monkey by Tesla’s friend Hans Rey, who was relayed these stories of curiosity by Tesla. Now supposedly all the top Nazi brass made it out of Germany and some either fled to South America or America through Operation Paperclip. Some were also brought over through back channels to start a new life in America with new identities and continued living a great long life here in the The Fourth Reich, oops I meant the U.S.A. Here is a great “family” photo from Skorzeny….


With the help of the O.S.S. and Allen Dulles, many including even the monster Josef Mengele continued to thrive…including this theory that Mengele was actually the Zodiac killer…


Ok back to Prescott who realized he wouldn’t be able to run for President with all of his involvements with the Nazis, and his son still too young and green to push his agendas, he found himself an eager to please young protogé to groom with his sights on the White House…enter Richard Nixon….


              (PRESCOTT ON RIGHT)
Upon returning from his Navy service, where he served in the Pacific theater, he became a congressman from California and found his way on the ticket as V.P. for Eisenhower’s two terms as President. He then ran against Kennedy and lost by a small margin thanks to Joe Kennedy’s mafia ties. This upset the very military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell speech.

This also disrupted the master plan of the Fourth Reich and Kennedy threatened everything they had been working for. So with the help and funding of Texas oil men, the Mafia and CIA assets they successfully pulled off a modern day Coup D’Etat in front of the world. And with the help of the “Notorious” FBI, covered it all up. Johnson was given a full term for his role, Hoover named head of the FBI for life, and the miitary got their war.Several important people were in Dealy Plaza that day including,  Skull and Bones member, the fledgling CIA AGENT, George Sherff Jr….aka George H. W. Bush



Well Curious George, I think we have a good idea where you were. Moving on, Tricky Dick finally gets his time in office and gets caught up in the Watergate scandal…his penance…Impeachment…paving the way for Warren Commision cronie, Gerald Ford. Who somehow got in as the Veep before the scandal erupted putting him in position to ascend to the highest office of the land. All the while, appointed by Nixon as head of the CIA at this time is none other than…you guessed it George H.W.Bush.


The American people had finally had enough of Republican antics, so much so, they elected  a peanut farmer from Georgia. So in this lull of the Fourth Reich, they formulated the plan to move forward. Bush got on the ticket with Reagan, and shortly thereafter one of George Bush’s friends son, was set up to assassinate Ronald Reagan, allowing George Sherff Jr. to finally ascend to the highest office. Good thing old Ronnie was a tough son of a bitch, he survived, and Bush stayed in the shadows patiently waiting. Finally Bush gets into office and starts talking about illumination and New World Order and begins his assault on the Middle East with Desert Storm. Tired of the Republican way, Americans had enough again, and elect a bumkin from Arkansas, with so much dirt on him, he was easily controllable. The Cold War was over, the nineties provided yet another lull for the “planners” to crank up the dial on their agenda for world domination, de-population, and one world government. Enter the son…”W”…to continue, and by this time we had electronic voting machines which allowed him to be fraudulently elected, not once but twice.


        (“W”, “POPPY”, AND PRESCOTT)
A false flag event paved the way to go to war in the Middle East, establish a presence and dominance there, and rape their natural resources. Here it provided a way to take away some of our rights and freedoms guaranteed under the C.Constitution. A new invisible enemy was created…the “terrorist” which could be anywhere at anytime…All the while creating “Homeland Security” (sound familiar?) It should… think SS. Now our liberties and freedoms are being eroded under the guise of protecting us. America is slowly becoming a police state, while being forced to eat genetically modifed foods, cancerous fast food, and drink fluoridated water to keep us all fat and lazy and cancer ridden. While making our realities so hard to deal with and hypnotizing people with the T.V. Now our second amendment rights are under attack from designed Gov.t operations, while they build hundreds of FEMA camps and fill the sky with surveillance drones. Our homes are being foreclosed on, less jobs, our borders are wide open, and now we’re going over the Fiscal Cliff. The end result is that the government is planning for something that is coming. When the shit hits the fan, and people here can no longer take the hopelessness and oppresion any more, we will fight back…and they dont want us to have the guns to do it with. Will local police and military turn on the citizenry when the time comes? That’s yet to be seen, they have been practicing in Middle East having our soldiers and drones kill helpless citizens that are just trying to protect themselves from foreign invaders. Can you blame them? Wouldn’t you do the same to protect your family and your home? We are the terrorists, Iraq never attacked us, Afghanistan never attacked us, yet we go and decimate the landscape and kill millions in the name of “protecting” us from “terrorists”. All this so the war machine keeps turning, and the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Why do you think the gov’t is building vast UNDERGROUND bunkers for themselves in the Ozarks and under Denver airport? Its because THEY know something’s coming…the only question is when? If only Hitler could see what has been created in the United States…he would be so proud ….oh wait, I guess he did get to see alot of it…


Is this really the way things have gone down? From satanistic practises and Nazi ideals that have permeated through the years? Kind of makes you think we may have won the war, but lost the battle.

Credit goes to Erik Orion who interviewed Skorzeny…for the full story check out his book here…π=SL75

**Images Courtesy of Google**



9 thoughts on “Lifting the Veil…The Grand Conspiracy

  1. Tis’ quite daunting when all this data is gathered together and read as one. Impossible? No, not at all. The Ox-Bow Incident this is not ! Who brings THIS to the Piss Palace in The Hague ?? Our children’s children’s children? Maybe. Not us. Not us. Prove me a liar and I’ll buy you lunch anywhere in the world. Gentleman’s agreement?

    • Thank you Delia…I can see things coming…I don’t know how long it will take to implement their plans, but if you pay close attention, you can them chipping away at us everyday…right now the focus is gun control and shootings, they are trying to show you that you’re not safe anywhere you go…the malls, the movies, schools, political rallys, gun ranges…and that anybody is capable…Dorner a former cop, a Med student, current military, former military, school kids, mentally ill people…the sheeple will be begging for protection everywhere….everything we do, and everywhere we go will be akin to the harassment we face at Airports now…check out my new post on the TSA, DHS, AND FEMA for some more mind blowing implementations they’ve got coming, and thank you for your feedback! Be safe and be strong!

  2. It not much different than the things I found and have been exposing for the last several years. Now. You can include many more. Like Rockefeller, Belmont, Schiff, Ford, Rothschild etc. Google the “Lawful Path” and it lists all the corporations and many of the people in this gang.

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