Silly Silly Pete Santilli

Ok, just for full disclosure, the only time I have listened to the Pete Santilli show, was when he had Jim Fetzer on, and after hearing that debacle, have no desire whatsoever to listen further. I tuned in for the entertainment value and curiosity, as I hadn’t heard of Santilli before. After doing a little looking into this guy, I found he has an almost McAdams like presence on the internet, where they pop up anywhere and everywhere, even the most obsure blog and internet radio show. This includes Tila Tequila’s “radio” show…nuff said….And let me also say that though I may disagree with Jim Fetzer about alot his JFK views, I believe he is headed in the right direction on his theories about 9/11. The theory must explain the evidence, and vice versa. Hijackers and jet fuel do NOT explain what happened that day, and while what happened to the Twin Towers is important, you cannot exclude the Pentagon and Shanksville from the conversation. The Pentagon looks more like a drone or missle strike to me, but definitely was not a plane…(see below)


Santilli’s antics as a host are deplorable, and either he was grossly misinformed or this an attempted coup to discredit Jim Fetzer’s arguments. Which now include the “no plane” theory and use of directed mini-nukes (neutron) to turn the towers to dust. Santilli kept saying he was pissed that he just found out all this evidence out 3 months ago, and was wondering why nobody told him. Well jackass, that is your own fault, if you haven’t heard about or looked into the arguments for 9/11 truth until 11 years after the fact, either you have had your head up your ass or you are a hypnotized sheep like  90% of the population that believes everything the Government says and looks no further. He was blatantly twisting Fetzer’s words and accusing him of covering up the fact that there was a hurricane that day off the coast of New York. Whooptie shit…unless you can attribute some meaning the hurricane had on 9/11 it means nothing. Santilli also says Judy Woods doesn’t claim anything about “space beams” … but here she is on Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory show saying just that…
This guy is a Johnny come lately to 9/11 and obviously has not done his homework. This type of weasly, attack dog mentality with his whiny voice is exactly the kind of crap I like to avoid. Listening to this show was the most agonizing two hours of my life, but if you like to torture yourself…i recommend the version on Fetzer’s site because the audio quality is better and you get to hear him cuss out Santilli. If you can endure this, you will clearly see this guy is either grossly misinformed or psy-op sent to discredit people because they are getting too close to the TRUTH…you decide…


(This was not a directed energy weapon)


Edit: After further rumination, and more interaction with Santilli, the more convinced i become this guy and probably Judy Woods are cointelpro. Read his comment on this post and compare it to this….

This guy has a CIA reach and comments on every blog that mentions his name and every radio show discussing him. The timing of Judy coming out to further throw a wrench into the 9/11 investigation, right after we started to get organized and powerful, with professionals in various fields of research, is just more than a coincidence in my opinion. Her theory is unprovable and is meant to be a distraction and get us talking about chex and cheesy poofs instead of what the evidence really says. After further analysis of the dust samples have PROVED traces of elements found in nuclear reactions and all the sickness and death of first responders, it really onky points to one thing. And the rise of Pete Santilli is suspect at best…he went from being a Coke salesman to attack dog radio host. This guy turned on a company that provided him with a life, and as soon as he saw an opportunity to cash in, he did…bringing a $200 million dollar lawsuit against his former employer. You think he wouldn’t be doing this unless he was getting paid? I doubt it. He exudes paranoia and employs psy op techniques to discredit the real 9/11 researchers who are getting too close to the truth. ** AVOID AT ALL COST **



7 thoughts on “Silly Silly Pete Santilli

  1. This is Pete Santilli, host of the Pete Santilli show. I broadcast 11am-1pm PST Mon-Sat on the American Freedom Network.

    I was notified of this blog from one of my ever-increasing avid listeners. First of all I’d like to thank you for listening to my program on psy-op Fetzer. Despite you being a faceless troll/coward I like to converse with people on occasion to get a feel out of public sentiment out there, especially when concerning me.

    James Fetzer tripped up at the first question of a list that i provided him beforehand coming on my program. He knew exactly what was going to be asked and true to form Fetzer couldn’t even be bothered doing any research for my interview. He started off the interview antagonizing me and that’s the reason the interview turned out the way it did.

    Fetzer has repeatedly threatened and harassed Dr Judy Wood . He feels he has some ownership to Judy Wood, that he can control her as she appeared on his pathetic little podcast a handful of people listen to. I exposed him for the fraud he was on the Pete Santilli show . Fetzer can’t disprove any of what Dr. Judy Wood has discovered.

    Let me finish off. If you decide to troll my chat room with disinfo you will be immmediately banned .You better watch out if i find your identity as being part of Fetzer and Kevin Barrett’s disinfo psy-op team. My show is increasing exponentially in popularity and feel privleged i bothered coming on to this paranoid blog to express my opinions. You are a nobody and i hope you get joy out of the 5 readers of your blog.

    If by chance any informed person wants to follow my show go to my website

    • Wow, I truly am honored to have such a famous person take the time to troll my little meaningless blog. And don’t worry, I won’t be in your chat room. If you read the rest of my posts, you can see I have no love lost for Jim Fetzer. I did include links to your site and Jim’s so the people can judge for themselves. Welcome to the movement, I’m glad somebody finally woke you up to the lies and deception of the Gov’t and mass media. But just a word of advice, you really need to take the time to do a little research before you pick a fight with the big dogs….your show might actually accomplish something if you knew what the hell you were really talking about. There are alot of aspects to 9/11 and you are just scratching the surface my friend….

  2. Well, mehopes you becomes Petey’s Worst Nightmare, cc7. An equal opportunity destroyer, with as much panache and élan as you used on Ralphie. Maybe those two can form a rap duo, they’d whine so well together, like Androgynous Pat from SNL but in stereo.

    And don’t let them keep you from posting YOUR thoughts, too. Your opinion is valued by this reader. Thank you for your time in sharing this. It should be past entertaining, but it’s not, deliciously.

    • Thank you friendo, Santilli’s out of his goddamn mind, he is now paying about 25 trolls to “destroy” his detractors…he has gone ape shit about people speaking their mind about him. I have never ran across another radio host in HISTORY do this kind of thing…it really is mind blowing. Sorry for the lull in posting, I’ve been getting cyber stalked like a mofo for speaking my mind about all this and considered stopping…but in the end, this stuff is too important to me to let go unanswered…New post is up check it out!

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