The Grand Consipracy PT. 2 – Cash for Gold


Imagine this scenario…there are how many towns and cities in the U.S.? Hundreds of thousands of small towns, maybe 250 large cities…and in each small town, maybe 5 or so jewelry stores that will buy your gold, maybe 1 or 2 actual Cash4Gold storefronts, a couple pawn shops, not to mention the traveling Gold grabs that go from hotel to hotel…and this is every small town in America, with even more in big cities. It started a couple years ago with a mail service, where you sent them your gold after requesting a a gold kit, and then you got a check in the mail. Why the gold rush?


No one has been allowed inside Fort Knox in 38 years, this past year some Congressmen petitioned to ne allowed entry to check on the gold and were quickly DENIED!


So…was it moved to one of their underground bunkers? Paid to China? Used up for technology purposes? We may never know the truth. Which leads us back to who is behind the gold rush? I tend to look at the store front Gold places like used car dealers..they offer and pay the lowest amount they can to people usually desperate for money. Then sell it back to who? Banks, the Federal Reserve, the Gov’t? Who the hell knows…but what I do know is that they are melting down a hell of a lot of jewelry…almost 50% of the worlds gold supply is used to make jewelry…here’s the breakdown…


There are lots of crazy theories out there as to where all this gold is going…used for super conductor technology for top secret projects, traded to aliens for technology or to not destroy us, whatever the reason, the gold rush is on…HOLD YOUR GOLD! The scarcer it becomes, the more valuable it becomes!





One thought on “The Grand Consipracy PT. 2 – Cash for Gold

  1. Maybe they replaced the gold with lead (weighs about the same) in order for a few old farts to live longer. Takes a heap o’gold to make a little Stone. That’s the Easy Way. Hope I’m wrong.
    Could you imagine if all the gold in the world suddenly started turning into lead? All that bling around them fatheads’ necks started turning a pewtery gray? Oh, what a Day in the Morning that would be !

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