It would appear the plan to depopulate the Earth by the ruling Elite is well under way. It all started benign I guess you could say, with cancer causing vaccines and through war and genocide they let go on and on. Speaking of cancer, you really think nobody has found a cure in Fifty years? Especially with the leap in technology from then til now? No it’s suppressed so we can either die off, or spend billions on hopeless pharmaceuticals and they make money while we still die off. We’ve been eating radiated food since the microwave was invented…hell there is probably one in every home by now. All those sandwiches and apple slices our moms packed for us as kids, well turns out that and damn near everything wrapped in plastic has cancer causing agents all over the inside that gets absorbes by the food inside.

And speaking of food, fast food packed full of preservatives and fake meat and soy paste and god knows what…they market this crap to kids to hook them at a young age…Here is how chicken nuggets are made…

     Our water is fluoridated(no health benefit, but has quality of neuro inhibitor), diet stuff is made with aspartame(a biproduct of hazardous waste), regular stuff sweetened with genetically modified corn syrup…they’ve got you coming or going. They are spraying our atmosphere with nanospheres of aluminum and other particulate metals they say to combat global warming and to reflect some of the sun’s energy back before it reaches Earth.

The chemtrails eventually reach the surface of the Earth, and after time makes the soil useless (unless you use genetically modified seeds).
Frito Lay GMO Lawsuit
Now that they’ve got us cancer ridden, poisoned, and forced to eat their cancer and tumor inducing genetically modified foods, what’s the plan for the rest of us?


Ever hear of U.N. Agenda 21? It’s a global plan signed into effect 20 years ago by 179 countries, and started being implemented a year later by the U.S. It is basically a land use agenda that supersedes local and state zoning laws. It has also indoctrinated city planners and the like to curtail growth in rural areas and claim the land for themselves while slowly herding everyone centers. There we don’t have pollution from all the commuters and we can be more easily surveilled and goods and services are more localized and controlled. In some areas you can’t even put a garden in your own yard, to grow your own food. Not allowing fences and forcing bike paths along properties…keep your EYES open and be aware…it’s a slow burn and they are very patient and remember this is happening in 179 countries all over the world. Their agenda was even set in stone…maybe you’ve heard of the Georgia Guidestones?


The plan for the future is etched in stone for future generations in several languages. 1984 is already here, have a look up next time you’re at a stop light and I bet you’ll see cameras pointing in every direction…capable of plate reading and facial recognition, logging your movements everywhere you go. On top of your position being triangulated constantly if you have a cell phone, and DVR’S and cable boxes capable of spying on you in your own home. Cell Phone Use Logged by GoogleYour credit and debit cards and grocery store keychain discount cards registered to you they know what you eat, what you spend your money on, where you go…i’m sure a supercomputer somewhere is logging a file on all of us.

Be safe, be well, and know they are always watching….





    • The sad truth is all we can do is hope right now…when all hope is gone, then action can follow…Sad to say…we become the new “Terrorist” until there is no other choice…i’m working on a new post called Manifesto for the Revolution coming soon…Right now it’s a wake up call to those still sleeping…

  1. Sometimes it is scary how fragile our technology is or how easily we can turn it against each other. I work with a web series called “Guidestones”, which explores how the NWO might come about.

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