Incidences of Coincidences – The Sandy Hook Spiderweb


How can crazy, get more crazy? Is it a coincidence that the prop master for The Truman Show, Men in Black 3, and The Dark Rises lived in Newtown, Conn.? You’d think all these movie guys live in California, but o.k…maybe…


Also Scott’s wife can be seen at several town council meetings pissed and berating council members on YouTube…..
Is it a coincidence that in The Dark Knight Rises, Aurora and Sandy Hook, the locations of the two recent slaughters are seen on the screen?



Maybe…Then last April we have Mr.Getzinger, getting into an automobile accident before the Dark Knight Rises comes out en masse. He is then admitted to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries…broken bones and the like…then suddenly dies….coincidence? Maybe..


It would be a hell of a thing to have to explain why two scenes of mass shootings were referenced in the movie that was showing during the Aurora shooting…was it foreknowledge? Or was it an attempt to tell us something…leave some clues for people to find…Coincidence? Maybe…also Suzanne Collins the author of the Hunger Games in which twenty kids get murdered, sacrificed for the entertainment of the elite, also resides in Sandy Hook, Conn…..Coincidence? Maybe…Collins was also authored a book called The Prophecy of Bane….Bane also being the villain in the newest Batman movie…


And here’s a little taste of the dark, death- centric writing of Suzanne Collins….


SOMETHING RISES(DARK KNIGHT)? BARELY SPEAKING PUPS (KIDS)? DIE THE BABY, DIE HIS HEART, HAVE THEIR KEY TO POWER? What in the Sam Hell is going on here? COINCIDENCE? Hmmm….Look, I believe this was a false flag event to try and create so much outrage, that we just hand back our second amendment rights. Our Government has become tyrannical, just like we were warned about by our founding fathers. And I can assume by their actions its only going to get worse.


I leave you with this video, in which a sound, logical, and reasonable argument is made on how to stop mass shootings…I couldn’t have said it better myself brother…


4 thoughts on “Incidences of Coincidences – The Sandy Hook Spiderweb

  1. Well, this proves either prophecy, or proof that time is INDEED flowing backwards (our perception). Is time the conspiracy here? I’m not sure I know what I’m saying here. What am I doing here?

    • I have no idea…it’s like a dual reality…it’s just so blatant to some and yet some refuse to see what is right there in front of them…Trauma based mind control…Mark, did you take the red or blue pill? Hahaha!

  2. The gun shoots in the car look to large to be a .223 round . A shot gun slug would be to large I’d thank . But a 10 mm could fit the bill . Also the bullet looks like it was shoot at an upward angle from someone laying in the front seat .

    Are the windows on opposite side of car shoot out if not then that reduces the possibility someone shooting through the car towards the front of school .

    • Thats what I was thinking that that shot originated from inside the car. The car was Lauren Rousseau’s, one of the “dead”… not sure if she was a substitute or full time teacher, but she’d only been there 6 months…Possible this thing could have something to do her. I don’t believe the windows were shattered at all on that car…at least it doesn’t look that way….

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