Well well….given time. everything comes out eventually. I knew there was something fishy about this guy the minute I laid ears on him…and if I never hear his stupid cracking, whiny voice again…it won’t be soon enough…His story changed from these kids just appeared in my driveway to a bus driver dropped them off, to they were with a bus driver…then of course there is the implausability these kids would go right past a fire station that they were probably told many times to go if something ever happened, to land in Gene Rosen’s driveway. Here ladies and gentlemen is the proof this creep is an actor after all…
It doesn’t get any clearer than that…then I found this video of Gene in his back yard rehearsing and adlibbing all over the place. You can hear the helicopter in the air so this must have been Fri. afternoon, he did all his acting in the interviews on Sat. the day after…here you go….
How much more is it going to take to convince the naysayers? Having second thoughts about taking that role yet Gene? There is also proof out there he only took two years of college, which is hardly enough to be a clinical psychologist. It says he is a former state employee and recieves a nice pension. He now runs a dog sitting service…And this just in…a couple using facial recognition software have matched up actors (extras) from an X-Files episode from 15 years ago, with “Kaitlyn Roig”, “Nick Phelps” and “Sally Cox”…to me the Sally Cox was the most visually convincing, and keep in mind this is from 15 years ago, so people are going to age…here is “Sally” and her facial recog. match…blow this up and take a good hard look!


For the full analysis you check out the video for yourself

UPDATE!!!!!! Say hello to Jeffery Rosenfeld!

Also this just in from the you’ve got to fucking kidding me department…



  1. I’m not sure which video it is of Gene R. but it’s one where he is in a drive way , his driveway I’m not sure . Well if you look behind him theit is a dark car ” possibly a black civic ” but the drivers side window is covered with a white towel like it has either it has been busted or possibly to hide something .

    A lead , maybe something to follow up on .

    • Duly noted and thank you…I saw that, it does seem kind of odd…the only resson to do that would be if the glass was broken out. Weird he would have a black Honda with the window busted out like the Lanza vehicle…I’ll do some checking!

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