Pete Santilli…Dr. Judy Wood’s New Pet


Well, it appears after being fired from terrestrial and internet radio, Pete Santilli has found himself a new gig…I listen to a variety of podcasts while at work, and I’m loading up my feeds for the day to see if there is anything new worth listening to. One of them I listen to is called The Unexplained with Howard Hughes, not the rich dead guy, but a radio broadcaster from England. He is a great interviewer and energetic and covers all kinds of good weird stuff. So today I see Judy Wood as a guest, and I decide to listen….and lo and behold ole Pete Santilli is actually on the line with her…fortunately the program only lasts an hour and Howard did a great job minimizing Santilli’s airtime. And not for lack of trying, tried to get some concrete answers out of Dr. Wood about her theorys. Once again she does the “read the book” song and dance without committing to a black and white answer. Nothing new from the Wood camp, just more of the same she’s been spouting for 6 or 7 years now….and I know how she got on the show…recently Howard interviewed Richard Hoaxland…oops Hoagland, and he was espousing Woods’ book when he was on, and I also heard him on Coast to Coast doing the same. At this point, every couple years she goes on a media tour, and never anything new, except for some new faithful followers and members of her cult…so here is the link if you’d care to listen…..


17 thoughts on “Pete Santilli…Dr. Judy Wood’s New Pet

  1. Nothing new from this sort of web page. As usual, inaccurate characterisations such as “more of the same she’s been spouting for 6 or 7 years now…” and statements “tried to get some concrete answers out of Dr. Wood about her theorys”

    I’ve “tried to get some accurate and truthful statements” out of blog owners like this – but it’s nigh on impossible…

    In my free book here: I document how people can not report accurately what is on Dr Wood’s website or in her book. Rather than being able to state things like “the towers turned to dust” they state “Dr Wood has a theory”. This is false. By making false mischaracterisations, people who write blogs like this wittingly or unwittingly become part of the cover up which killed 3000 people using a technology – which operates on the principles of field interference – and could be used to provide free energy for the whole world. This is itself a crime by current laws. Surprise me – post this comment unedited.

    Good luck!

    • Hi Andrew! Hey everybody, this is Judy’s old pet, much like Pete, they both have nothing better to do than scan the internet for obscure places where Dr. Judy’s name has been mentioned. I never denegrated her good name, simply dissapointed there is never anything new from your camp. Be nice to have new evidence the past 6 or 7 years to talk about…I even linked the appearance so people could listen…but hey nobody sees my little insignificant blog right? It’s only got 3500 views in the last month…and don’t get it twisted, I’m not anti Judy, I’m anti Pete Santilli, the guy is an asshole, a dick, unprofessional, unknowledgabele and a troll as well. Thank you for the link to your free book, I encourage everyone to get it…..And I never edit comments, they are always posted in full here…Good day sir.

    • Andrew Johnson! Nice to see you here! i know you are good, as are Judy Wood. She got it right. I have actually bought two copies of her book (so I know what I am talking about). And for all those who can’t afford buying and reading the book (because it gives you a fair description of her case), there are at least 3 2-hours full presentations of Judy Wood and her findings, available for free on youtube. So people should watch all of them (and yes – it is available for free) before crying about Judy Wood being a liear. Judy Wood is not a liear, nor is she a part of any cover up (unlike Alex and Steven E Jones who wants people to believe in the controlled demolition cover-up junk story. Anyone with a brain understands that it is not possible to prepare 110 floors, in two buildings (and add to that, builiding 7) for controlled demolition and the people working there not noticing anything. No, on 9/11 they used new advanced technologies. Also, there were no fucking airplanes eihter. Yes! Check it out, anyone who still does not get it. Real airplanes, WHEN VIEWED IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT, appear WHITE/BRIGHT, NOT dark/black as on 9/11 when all “airplane” footage showed dark or sometimes even black “airplanes” – even those that were showing the “airplanes” in direct sunlight. We also know how they inserted the “airplanes” into the footage. The manipulation of the world is huge. Regarding Sandy Hook and the Boston “bombing” (just to name a few) we also have e-v-i-d-e-n-c-e, but then we are talking about 100% fabricated events). Anyway, to Andrew Johnson, keep up the good work! And to those who actually bother enought to see what Judy Would is really saying, here is a link to the three full 2-hour presentations (scroll down the bottom of the page, hopefully all the links still work):
      (yep the youtube links still works! And I updated the first one, now in 10 parts instead of 2 – see the new links for that one)

      (So to anyone crying about Judy Woods – be sure to see for yourself, the all 3 of the 2-hours full presentations, so that you know what you are actually talking about, and do your own thinking, rather than just go with or against what other people may claim. And be awere, there are many shills out there. That’s right. And Judy Wood is not one of them. But Alex and Steven E Jones are, and so many more (hint hint)… that do not want you to know)

      • Oh looky…another Judy disciple! Nobody is saying they prepared all the floors on all the buildings for a controlled demolition…I will say though it doea appear most of the towers were in fact emptied out and unoccupied. Building 7 is clearly a controlled demolition…anybody can see that. But to tout a method of destruction you have no proof of even existing, let alone being capable of doing the things attributed to a “D.E.W.” is irresponsible and a giant leap to be so sure and certain it was used on 9/11. Anyone can speculate, but proof is where it lies…and dews don’t explain everything…if anything.

  2. Oh – and one more thing – you say you are “Judy’s old pet” – so who are you? I am a bit puzzled…

    If you don’t like Pete Santilli, why not do a blog with his picture and evidence as to why you think he’s a troll – rather than posting opinion only.

  3. have to side w aj here. YOU ARE “denegrating her good name”, cpc7, by claiming “there is nothng new” from djwood. any one who has paid attention to her presentations from the beginning can see the trajectory of a continuously well honed and improved presentation. (and thank god she dropped the “keebler elves” analogy!) why whine for “new evidence” when the evidence is already there? i can appreciate your calling out of santili, but it would appear that you are either innocently ignorant of, or purposefully disinforming of, djwood’s amazing work. sure hope it’s the former. the stakes are too high for your type of unimformed blogs.

    • I’m not denigrating her “good name” merely tired of the “read the book” song and dance….”here is the evidence that must be explained”…explain it then Judy, you’re the scientist…and what are you doing about it Capt. Kirk besides trolling my meaningless blog?

  4. It’s Pete Santilli , host of the Pete Santilli show again. As you may already know I am a former United States Marine and I don’t fuck around. i’d love really to knock your teeth out now for the way you have spoken about me and in particular Dr. Judy Wood.

    I openly make a threat like that, not anonymously, because I know you are too much of a chicken neck to do anything about it. Don’t forget i have taken on a mega corporation like Coca-Cola and won

    I advise you strongly to cease trashing me in any more blogs if you know what’s good for you. I challenge you to ring my show up if you have any balls (218) 862-9829 11:00 am – 1:00 pm PST / 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm CST /2:00 pm – 4:00 pm EST

    Semper Fi Motherfucker!

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