Say hello to Philip Marshall…a former CIA pilot…Supposedly, he is accused of shooting his son, daughter, dog, and then himself. He recently wrote a book called The Big Bamboozle exposing the Govt lies and cover-up of 9/11.


He also recently appeared on Coast to Coast A.M. for an interview and to promote his new book. Everyone who knew him said he was happy and upbeat and a great father. Not widely reported in the mainstream media, and when they do, don’t mention the man’s profession. Seen here with his CIA Lear jet in the 80’s…


He lived in a gated community, was retired and had already written three books. He had money, lived comfortably, and was in his kids lives. He was also disclosing a lot of info that certain entities didn’t want exposed….I and a lot of other people surmise that this was not a murder/suicide. He certainly does not fit the profile at all of someone that would do this…Suicide is one thing, but shoot your own children in the head and dog in the head first is just ludicrous. Some anomalies include the fact that no one heard any gunshots (suppressor probably used), Philip himself was shot in the left temple (he was right handed) and a rear door was left unlocked…which he never supposedly did. This was a message…another whistle blower, not just taken out, but his family massacred. His dog was a shit-zu, a little yappy dog that had to be silenced. A lot of the intelligence community either knew or knew of Marshall’s former exploits, and he was in a position to know things. I’m sure THEY got the message loud and clear….God rest the soul of a true patriotic American and his precious family….




3 thoughts on “DEATH OF A PATRIOT

  1. Hi. 🙂

    Let’s play Find The Best Match.

    Here’s the list:
    – brave,
    – lazy,
    – stupid, and
    – dishonest

    And we want to pick the people that best match those qualities. It’s called “profiling”.

    But before we venture any wild guesses let’s practice a little so we know how the game works.

    For example morale is important in law enforcement, but not to the point where it becomes obstruction of justice. Law enforcement and obstruction of justice are not a match. So it works like that. And this should be pretty easy.

    Who has all of these qualities in this situation where three people are found dead and one is assumed to have killed the other two without waking them up and offers only evidence that all appears to be hearsay? (I.e., no substantiating documentation, photos, physical evidence, test restults, logic, reason, etc.)

    A. Philip Marshall
    B. Macaila and Alex
    . The sheriffs and the coroner

    Answer ___

    Well, I tricked you. If you guessed C you’re wrong. That’s because C is not one of the possibilities, so even if you know the answer you cannot get it right.

    Now if the morale of the sheriffs is important (and it is) so too is the morale of the people. And judging by the silence of the people up there it appears that the morale of the people is terrible because due to the qualities of the culprits exhibiting the above qualities there’s a credible possibility that the true murderer(s) is/are at large and may still be in the community. For all anyone knows it could be one of the deputies, sheriffs, or even the coroner!

    What we do know is that we don’t know. Am I doing ok so far.

    Therefor common sense dictates that all these people who are brave, lazy, stupid and dishonest need to find other employment. That is, unless one or more of them are indeed the murderer, in which case the others should put the offender(s) in jail, one would think, because this is a nation of laws, not of men AND that would be good for everyone’s morale. Even the people’s.

    PS. We don’t even know who originated much of this “evidence”, do we. Who first offered up the “sleeping on a couch” theory? Were they local or from out of town. We demoralized people have a legitimate ‘need to know’.

    Here’s a petition to have this case taken up by the DoJ.

    Here’s an aereal view of the Marshalls’ house.

    The toxicology results should be in any time now which could show that the kids died from an overdose of opiates rather than a gun shot. I guess the coroner hopes testing for drugs will make sense out of how the two kids who died on Saturday at 3 pm and/or Thursday night slept through getting shot along with their dog (but not the cat).

    On Feb 6 the Union Democrat reports:
    —- excerpts
    The time of the discovery, 3 p.m. Saturday, will be listed as the official time of death.
    —- end excerpts

    Notes: The sheriffs press releases said they’d look into whether or not Marshall was mentally ill and on medication but that they would not release the results. Amazing. Simply amazing.

    • Excellent analysis! I couldn’t agree with you more…once again, due this guy’s profile, the feds were called in and gagged the locals, and thoroughly confiscated all evidence…like Sandy Hook we’ll never the true results of the deaths…listening to Marshal’s interviews, he didn’t sound mentally ill. ..actually quite the opposite!

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