PROUDLY PRESENT….
An obscure, boring, unintelligent show hosted by a pathetic liar, dickhead, and noted fraud…I am so sick of being threatened and harassed by this asshole…let me tell you something Pete…you sir are a public figure and are subject to both praise and criticism. I have an opinion about you, formed solely from hearing your sorry ass show and witnessing your morally corrupt and unethical actions. I have never in my life heard of talk show host that does the kind of shit you pull…here’s a comment from Pete on my last blog entry about him…


Not smart Petey…but I don’t excpect anything more from your dis-ingenuine ass. So let’s play a little game called exposing the fraud…Petey wants to blame the world because he has had his head up his ass for the past 11 years…yes that’s right…it’s mine and your fault because nobody told Petey that 9/11 was an inside job…a false flag…a blatant attack on our Constitutional rights…he chose to believe what the lame stream media told him…that a crazy terrorist masterminded the attacks from his cave in Afghanistan….Um..hey dumbass…the 9/11 truth movement has been been around for 10 years…where have you been? Oh that’s right selling Coca cola with it’s GMO corn syrup to the masses and glombing on to a class action lawsuit that may have garnered you a few sheckles…but here is a glimpse of the real Pete Santilli…if that’s even his real name… (courtesy of Jim Fetzer)
   From a student of Pete Santilli, which he can confirm or deny (but we know what his word is worth):
1. Join Marines at age 17 and drop out at 22 and was a E-5 or flight line gas jockey. Did not have security clearance for loading weapons or other devices. Saw ZERO combat…
2. Claim to have attended Yale law school for a year…. It did not happen!
3. Runs his operation out of a mail box drop service like a UPS store as his office front in Oak Hills, CA. Works from a rental condo in Oak Hills.
4. Claims to have donated $2500 bucks to the Ron Paul campaign last summer. The Federal Election Commission shows no such donation for any Santilli or PAC group.
5. Claims to work for in a management position, and destroy Coca Cola in a massive Class action suit. He was simply a claim added to the suit which had 500 claims [mostly Truck Drivers] or individuals against the local Bottling Coke Coca company for not reporting overtime on the drivers, which was settled out of court pending legal requirements of the State of Califorina…. Coca Cola USA own 40% of the local bottling company and was not involved in the suit nor does Coca Cola ever claim to have had an employee by the name of Pete Santilli.
6. It appears that he has had about 20 jobs during his work career as a sale rep or service rep for various companies. In the northern California area…. and as a local DJ night club jockey playing for various small Rock and Brother nite clubs to get by during his work career…
7. Stabbed his friend Stew Webb in the back and threatened to sue him for having Santilli’s logo in a blog post…which is why I had to find some almost identical to the real ones…tee-hee…



Not to mention he stole the “Guerilla Media Network” from Vinny Eastwood and Mitch Santell…along with recording a conversation with Gordon Duff (Editor of unbeknownst to Gordon and then aired it on YouTube…that’s professional…He also posted the home address and phone number of a caller to his show that was questioning the messiah Judy Wood…real ethical Pete..Shortly thereafter he was booted from American Freedom Radio for his antics, and relegated back to internet radio land…He has since been media touring with Judy going on any show that will have the dynamic duo…also his producer that left his show has since disclosed that Judy was on the line and in Pete’s ear during his all out attack interview with Jim Fetzer…blaming him because Pete has had his head up his ass…how bout you pull it out Pete and start discussing shit that is taking place now? Like Sandy Hook and Obama raping even more of our rights away…here is a secret Pete I’m going to let you in on…JFK was shot 50 years ago…thousands of researchers have uncovered truths and lies, but we’ll never know the whole and true story of what really happened. 9/11 was 12 years ago…thousands of people dissecting every angle…but to what end? You are promoting a theory that without the technology on display and functioning, you and Judy can’t ever prove. What happened at the Pentagon? Shanksville? What about Philip Marshall uncovering that the Saudi terrorists were training at military bases in the west?  Why was it done? Surely it entails more than “Hey look at this cool technology we have”…it was a robbery to the biggest extent…but all you care about are your Star Wars death rays…have you ever thought how much of a boob you’re going to look like if your truth of how the towers turned to dust is wrong?  And I did call in to your show on Monday April 1st at 3:30 pm E.S.T. Got through your little GoToMeeting setup…I guess because you’re producer-less…and sat on hold for twenty minutes listening to boring old ladies yap about nothing…then you picked up a line with another old lady named Shotgun…I finally couldn’t take any more…so you had your chance big man, to go one on one with the Great One…you blew it as usual…IF YOU SMEEEEELLLLL…WHAT THE ROB…IS COOKIN’…




19 thoughts on “Pete Santilli….UNETHICAL ASSHOLE!

  1. I would like to interview you on my show as a post production broadcast. I too have many questions and the part about being asleep for ten yrs is spot on. Would you like to have some airtime to adress these points you are making in your own words on my show? I would listen to you and air your commentary. Rocket 360 426 1453 .

  2. Great research.
    Love seeing Santilli revealed for the sham he is.
    BTW… Rocket is one of his butt boys… so… beware.

  3. This guy seems to enjoy making threats with no fear of being held responsible. I found something interesting about the lawyer he said he worked for during the class action suit against Coca Cola. James Davis was disbarred. The guy was involved in serious corruption. I could see it being an attempt to silence him, but there was a huge list of offenses. I doubt they were all made up.

    • Good info…SantillI is all talk and hot air…A bully if you will…He must be busy cleaning out Judy Woods asshole…haven’t heard from him lately, I’ve tried tweeting him and calling in to his show again but to no avail…He is nothing but a fraud, troll, and disinformation agent…

  4. yes, he used the AJ/Stratfor connection to build his credibility. It took like a week for him to get exposed. LOL! BTW, I noticed you got attacked again at sandy hook truth by the guy with the man crush on Alex Jones. I got sick of the constant alexi jones references, and quit posting there. Trusting Jones as some sort of prophet isn’t very scientific IMO. I still read for new information, as Lynne is doing great work, but I’m done posting.

  5. of course she isn’t, but that guy is either uninformed or intentionally muddying the waters. Why would he constantly bring up proven shill Jones? Did you see the latest post by Watson at infowhores regarding SSRIs? They referenced mainstream crap as proof Lanza was on psychotropics. Yet, this A-hole sites them in 98% of his comments. And yes, the ho, ho, ho crap is freaking annoying. LOL!

    • Well I did a little checking on Apollonian after my last encounter with him, turns out he is on staff at Alamo Community College in San Antonio, Texas…which is also where AJ is from, so possible he knows him, feeds him stories, or is just a hometown disciple…who knows?

  6. no kidding, yeah, who knows, but wolfblitzzer totally called him out on his site, don’t really know that guy, but he sensed something odd about him, as we did

  7. I remember you talking about this prick. Where can I listen to his show? I wanna experience the madness..

  8. Santilli explanation my site, my concept,my name, the concept and name he stole from me, I don’t like thieves! Then he lied about it and told everybody it was his idea, constantly makes references about me and Susanne Posel on his radio show defaming us, threatened that he would destroy Susanne’s career (and almost did by taking out her website for a month!) sent his goon Bruce Montalvo after me (my response ) made a fake Vinny Eastwood youtube channel and uploaded this video VINNY EASTWOOD EXPOSED and made privacy complaints against my videos with him in them (even ones where he interviewed me on his show) and I had to take them down. and one of his pathetic listeners posted this about me when I told them what was up with Santilli If you still wish to listen to him after viewing this material of what a psychopath he is then you’re no friend of mine and you can GTFO my life too!

    • Whoa whoa ease up homeboy…I don’t listen to Pete Santilli…He is now, what I predicted he would be…irrelevant…everything you just stated I covered…unless this is just cut and paste job you post everywhere….ease up…I’m on your side here.

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