I like a good conspiracy as much as the next person, as long as the speculation is based in evidence, facts, and logic. There is a fellow WordPress blogger who is either really stupid or is doing this on purpose [disinformation]…The blog in question is the Sandy Hook Truth blog here on WordPress and is ran by a woman named Lynne. The latest post in question is here click here…I encourage everyone to go have a look at this post, then come back here, , as it will make more sense when you see it with your own eyes…This is not the first post of this ilk either,  and I’ve called her on it before…but instead of defending her position and ideas, she decided it would be easier to delete my comments and ban me from commenting at all on her blog…so guess what? You ban a blogger from commenting, you my dear are gonna get a whole post dedicated to you….mess with the bull…get the horns!
So Lynne, you are really saying that some of the Oklahoma tornado images of affected buildings,  businesses, and cars were faked?
By saying this you are implying the tornado event was faked…for what? What purpose does this serve exactly? Your analysis of the Google images and Justin’s pics are literally the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard…The medical building in the first set of pics look exactly the same to me, there is no missing support column, one pic is from a distance, the other closer from a slightly different angle, and shows much less of the building in question…Next your 7-11 gas pump analysis is just flat out idiotic…in Justins link to three pics he sent you of the lot, you can clearly see there are five sets of pumps…where did you learn how to count? This is exactly what I’m talking about…taking one picture, from a much closer perspective, showing about 15 feet of street vs. a pic showing the entire building and lot with a wider angle lense, comparing the two, and drawing conclusions…like I said either you’re not being honest or you’re an idiot…A bulldozer and some dump trucks could easily clear that lot in a day or two…The car you say is “missing” is easily accessible victim of perspective, it’s either behind the backhoe or the wrecked car in the foreground. The next set with the blurry pics and odd image artifacts (fencing interlaced with vehicle) are created when a picture is taken from a moving vehicle, of a moving vehicle…a driver with no head?  C’mon…you can clearly see her head is turned to look at the carnage. This is the kind of shit I’m talking about Lynne, you did it with Sandy Hook and Boston, and here we go again…most of your analytical mistakes are because of perspective,  angles, and light. Look at the comment from one of your minions on this tornado post referencing “no playground” at Sandy Hook..

Really, its not rocket science! Just a little thought is required…EVERYTHING questionable in the world is not fabricated or faked, you are really taking this paranoia shit to whole new level and doing a disservice to people who are researching conspiracies with your crackpot shit. They already think we’re crazy enough without the delusion….you want a conspiracy angle to this?

Have a look at HAARP and weather modification, see if there were any related anomalies on the radar tract or if conditions were really affable to produce an EF5 tornado.

And by the way HAARP was active over the area in question that day…Or maybe some of the “made for mainstream media” Bullshit, feel good stories like finding a dog in the rubble five days later on camera. Sure people are gonna exaggerate and make fake claims, they see that all you have to do is become a vocal victim, and the sheep will send you hundreds of thousands of dollars. They learned this from Sandy Hook and Boston…were there any donation sites up before hand? These are the “conspiracies”, not if the whole event was fabricated or faked…There is no meat with that, no logic, no motive…seriously Justin did a great job refuting your claims in the comment section, please just stop with the photo comparison,  you REALLY don’t have a good eye for it…Sometimes when you look too deeply at things, you start grasping at shadows because that’s all that is left…If there is nothing there, don’t create it out of thin air…and don’t let your little group of followers and yes people blind you to the fact that you’re doing something great, either they are blind too, or don’t have the heart to tell you you’re fucking loony toons. Seriously, go back to watching soap operas and cleaning the house, leave the conspiracy theorizing to the big boys…



  1. I agree, it’s her way or the highway. She won’t post any of my comments. Why even have a comment section if you aren’t going to let disagreeing comments through? She doesn’t like being called out on her craziness. And her followers(those she lets comment) worship her.
    BTW, I’m enjoying your blog, you make sense!

    • Thank you Val for the kind words! Exactly, why even do a blog if you won’t allow dissenting opinions, I’m not perfect and don’t claim to be and actually like when people disagree, it starts a discussion…Although some people are Assholes (see Pete Santilli’s comments on the blog about him) but I still approve them. I haven’t yet not allowed or deleted a comment from anyone ever on this blog and never will. Be interesting to see if Lynne or her “worshipers” will show up to defend her, I think her newest post was a veiled attempt to address to my post although she said nothing directly about it…I know she sees the hits coming from this blog to hers…time will tell ho ho ho! Hopefully you got that and are laughing your ass off right now! Stop by anytime!

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