A more likely version of Cinque’s love interest ^^^…. Ok…the chuckles are over,  the gloves are off, and the knockout punch is coming, similar to Anderson Silva’s recent knockout, you’re cocksure attitude makes it so easy….you put your chin right out there and beg me to punch it, thinking you can dodge it…but you can’t,  you won’t,  and you never will.  And when I’m done with you, there are others just waiting to pick apart your bones and finish you off properly.  First of all lets get one thing straight, I am not and never been the high chancellor Adam Sutler…I dont even know who the hell that is…I went by the name Alek Hidell on the Amazon threads til I got bored with that, and my name is Clark Rob on Facebook…ask Fetzer, he knows who I am. Secondly your post referring to Oswald drinking a coke scenario, is quoted directly from your partner in crime Jim Fetzer, who frequently espouses it on his radio show…so if you have a problem with that scenario, go talk to your buddy Jim about it…



I am well aware of the WC testimony of Baker as well as the first reports made within the first 24 hours, and there are several discrepancies concerning the actual events directly after the shots. In fact lets take a look at those right now…notice where Fritz says Oswald was at the time of the shots…not what you put forth to be accurate in your Fritz’s “notes” where YOU say the inference was that he was “with Bill shelley out front” which is an inaccurate assumption on your part, according to Fritz’s own words…



And even in Oswalds own words he tells a different story about encountering a cop on the way out the front door. …


The problem I have with Fritz’s notes are thus, supposedly he didn’t take any, yet 35 years later they miraculously surface…secondly, according to FBI memorandum, Oswald refused to talk during interrogation. ..



So are Fritz’s notes a fabrication after the fact? Who knows…Was Roy Truly in on the frame up? It would seem likely if, Oswald’s employment there was a set up and not mere coincidence…so if there was no lunchroom encounter on the second floor and Oswald was exactly where he said he was…in the domino room eating lunch, and he had only gotten his drink after lunch, and seemingly unaware of what happened, and  was back at work in the first floor storage room where he was encountered…and overheard Lovelady asking Shelley if work was done for the day, after hearing his answer he left.


To address your theory that the WC frightened people into lying or changed their testimony, could possibly be true for the testimony of lone anomalous individuals such as Vicki Adams, who was not aware her testimony was changed until Barry Ernest found her…but she was missing, no other researchers had talked to her and dug deep into her story. To change or frighten the testimony of several individuals who were all together at the time of the shots, including Billy Lovelady, Wesley Frazier, Bill Shelley and others, is a ridiculous assumption…also to assume that in the 50 years since not one of the people on the stairs has since on their own, or to other researchers, confided or professed that Oswald was on the front steps with them at the time of the shots. Your Lovelady assumptions of his fright and cowardice are just that…assumptions…and we all know what happens when you assume things…These are the facts directly from Barry Ernest and directly from Vicki Adams and corroborated independently from Sandra Styles and Dorothy Garner.


They made it outside from the 4th floor in under a minute…they would have seen Lee making his way outside up to the second floor if that’s what he did…but he didn’t. The time trials for Truly and Baker were 75 and 90 seconds for them to get to the second floor…and this document proves Garner, who had followed the girls to landing was still there some time later and encountered Truly and Baker….
Your little campaign cannot change the truths of history, you are merely attempting to rewrite it for your own financial gains and attempt at infamy… and you all are failing miserably…any researcher worth their salt knows this case inside and out, backwards and forwards, knows the WC testimony, knows independent witness testimony, and years and years of groundbreaking and eyeopening research of the greats who came before us. What you are essentially doing is taking a giant shit on everything that has been accomplished to this point by real researchers and the truth. You will not be allowed to further your lies to the public unmolested…we will always be here…we do not forgive….we do not forget…we are coming…fear us… For more shovels throwing dirt on the coffin, please visit my friends…



  1. Gosh, you’ve really left Ralph a photo he can look at over and over and over at again. He probably switches keyboards at the moment of………. eruption. Little squirt!!! LOL!!!!!!!

      • Here’s a little tip for Ralph………. break open a ‘Benzedrix Inhaler’, add a little lemon juice……. and there you are, drink it down, and, to this day, it’s like what Kerouac and Neil and the rest of them were experiencing. Can you say Ayn Rand? How ’bout Hitler? But then, crystal meth seems to be the “bathtub gin” of these long-forgotten days. You’re insane, Ralph. Insane. Your writings prove it. Day after day after day. And again, I say………… Jack Kennedy does NOT deserve this!! His positives far outweighed the negatives………..just my opinion, nothing more, nothing less. I’m tired of this shit. We must find a way to take this Mother DOWN !!!!!! You’re not going to have your silly little ‘Convention”, and you know it. Tell us now that you’re going to ‘Czech’ your clown ass self into a mental hospital and start to get sane. Is it possible?

  2. What is the RIF number for that first document, the one that it looks like you scanned in color, that talks about a bullet being lodged behind the president’s ear. Whenever possible always, always, always give the RIF number. It’s on that white sheet of paper behind the FBI memorandum. Please tell me you copied that page too. It’s an FBI document so it should start with 124 – , it should also give an Agency number. Thanks.

  3. But seriously, CC7, you’ve covered quite well, along with Joe, Robin and the cat ‘down under’, all the points that are refutable in Ralph’s mind-mess. Are you still sane? I just missed a train that would’ve messed me up. Too bad YOU missed it, Ralph. Our ‘conductor’.

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