This one is gonna be real short and sweet… OK… we’ll maybe not sweet, but it will be short, because although its plain to see to anyone that the above picture do not show the same men, Ralph wants to know why…BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT! Like I said before…the photo of Oswald on the left is probably the blurriest one you could possibly find…I’ll continue…Oswald’s hairline is not as high as Lovelady’s was…where the hell did his hair go? Next thing Ralph will say is that there was a tornado in Dealy Plaza that blew Oswald’s hair straight up, and the camera caught it perfectly…next would be cranium size…clearly different… Lovelady had a skinnier head which is also plain as day in the photo…Lovelady is also a bit heavier than Oswald was…which is also clearly evident on the man on the right…I mean how hard is it? Do your eyes just not work properly? I asked my 12 year old son if these pictures were of the same man…his answer…NO…I asked why…they just don’t look the same. Exactly my boy…they just don’t look the same…


This is real simple Ralph, as I have explained before…Oswald was a predtermined patsy….meaning they didn’t willy nilly pick him out of thin air. They knew ahead of time he was the perfect candidate…which is why his pro-Castro legend was created in advance. Oswald would have been told something else…given orders let’s say. To do something…to meet someone…to await further instructions… he was a Marine. He knew how to follow orders…especially if he thought he was some kind of intelligence agent…they do what they’re told….they would not have taken the chance that their patsy, the man they’d spent so much time and effort grooming, would be seen outside of that building. Zero…Nada….None.


As for the whole Coke thing…(not my theory by the way) that scenario has pushed by fellow OIC member James Henry Fetzer for years and years, and repeated ad nausiem…we know what the reports say…we know the WC testimony …Bakers initial report doesn’t even have a 2nd floor encounter…he puts it on the 3rd or 4th…


Normally, a person takes a lunch break, they don’t just wolf down there food and run back to work. They DO sit there…and take their break…eating or not…Oswald was an avid reader…probably read the paper or a book after he ate…might’ve mosied up for a soda after eating..and went back to the domino room to finish out his break…your in the land of far-fetchedness again Ralph….Enjoy the smooth Asian boys…




  1. Fetzer, how can you and Cinque continue with all the evidence stacked against your foolish assertions? If I were you, I’d cancel my ‘keynote speaker’ slot at the OIC Convention. And Ralph, just as a compassionate gesture…….. I’ll forward my eight grand toward your incomplete recovery.

  2. I mean, eight dollars, Ralph. That’ll be for the first hour of your home health caregiver’s wage. The rest shall go to your detractors. They’ve truly earned every last dollar. You can pay me now, Ralph, if you agree to our little……. wager.

  3. Mark AsshOleBlazney you are nothing so I’m not going to bother anymore on commenting on you. Now for the author of this site. The Oswald Innocence Campaign is stronger than ever Sutler. TTo borrow a phrase from Oscar Wilder, the talk of it’s death has been greatly over-exagerrated.

    You might wanna stop blogging about us . It only generates more interest and traffic to our site which we are happy about but obviously counter-productive to your cause of shutting us down.

    If you don’t suscribe to our theory fully after all the evidence we have shown, you are a lone-nutter . There’s no grey areas. Saying Oswald wasn’t in the doorway is you admitting you believe Oswald was shooting the president from the 6th floor and everything else the Warren Report lied about.

    We have had a Kennedy family member contact us recently and they have known from the the start on the alteration of Altgens 6. RFK was actually going to announce it to the media and was assassinated. JFK Jr too. So you know why the others have kept quiet about it. Even the recent Boston bombings sure a fire started in the JFK library . we believe this was a deliberate attempt to destroy any unaltered altgens photos

    • Well…well…well….look who navigated his way here finally…The Captain! Dick Hooke! Look Dick, I don’t wanna get your site shut down…I want it to be there for enternity, so someday I can show my Grandkids just how fucking stupid and desperate people can be…CT’s and LN’s…were not working together against you…we just both happen to think you have it all wrong…which is doubly damning…I can exonerate Oswald using actual testimony and facts…I don’t need to make up some elaborate fairytale of fabricated fakery to do it. You heard from the Kennedy’s did ya? They killed RFK cuz he was gonna EXPOSE THE ALTGENS FAKERY! Gimme a lie after another…and they just keep getting bigger and bigger!

      • You might think the Boston bombings were all faked and bloodshed of innocent people is nothing to you but I care about America and our president.

        I’m working on a new piece with Jim Fetzer , Dennis Cimino , Ted Coeyman and Ralph on the lin secret sect hit-team that is defending the Altgens 6 forgery. We’ve accounted many deaths in relation to this key piece of info and that is why Ralph and I are fearful for our lives at times. I know there is an ex FBI agent that constantly follows me when I go to the coffee shop in San Raf.

        Sirhan Sirhan was recruited under mindcontrol first when RFK was going to blow the lid. They killed Billy Lovelady when his use of fake posing was finished by the shill Robert Groden. Ike Altgens himself was planning to come clean before him and his wife were gassed to death. Patricia Lovelady is still out there somewhere under a new identity. Her death was faked to throw us off the trail.

        I have gone to my son’s school and the kids can see it straight up that i’s Lovelady in the doorway.

      • You care about the President? Obama? If you were any kind of JFK researcher, you’d understand that every one since JFK, with the exception of George H.W. Bush are fucking puppets…Bush the elder is one of the “puppeteers” for the secret group that runs this country… They do what the are told…Obama is nothing but a lying ass yes man that loves killing kids with his drone strikes. RFK was killed,not for the Altgens, but because they could NOT let him become President… He had his own secret team of investigators that reported back to him…the Altgens did nothing for him…doesn’t prove WHO killed his brother…they were worried he would continue where his brother left off…
        The Boston bombings were faked…a drill…ask your buddy Fetzer…get your head out of Ralph’s asshole once in a while and take a look around…while the JFK assassination is important, there is a ton of shit going on right now that needs immediate attention as well…

  4. “I’m working on a new piece with Jim Fetzer , Dennis Cimino , Ted Coeyman and Ralph on the lin secret sect hit-team that is defending the Altgens 6 forgery. We’ve accounted many deaths in relation to this key piece of info and that is why Ralph and I are fearful for our lives at times. I know there is an ex FBI agent that constantly follows me when I go to the coffee shop in San Raf.”

    Paranoia and delusions of grandeur go hand in hand….

    Trust me Dick….your refrigerator art is the one thing keeping you safe….that and the mental illness.

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