Everybody welcome the newest member of the OIC…


Graham is a fairytale writer that, like so many other members, sees a way to make some money out of this…Trickanometry…an interesting angle! Flawed mathematics of a flawed theory? You’re kidding right? I always figured the next progression would be a book… (announcer voice) “edited by James Fetzer” Anyone can tell a story, and the best part is it doesn’t have to be factual or accurate….just entertaining.¬† Trying to capitalize off of a flawed theory is bad, but capitalizing off of the story of the murder of JFK puts you high on my chart of human scumbags. Which brings us to Judyth Baker’s story…as much as I’d like to believe it, I just can’t accept her version of events…I’m not going to go into all the flaws of her story and lack of evidence here today…was she in New Orleans when Oswald was? Yes. Was she employed at Reilly Coffee the same time he was? Yes. But anything else is speculation and could be a grand concoction after 30 years of research…but enough of that…he wants to make a movie out of her book? Good luck bro…Enough of all that shit, let’s get to the meat of this post…more irrefutable evidence that it was Billy Lovelady in the doorway…Here’s just some random observations. ..


You’re right Martin Shackleford, Robert Groden did settle this back in the 70’s…this is why the OIC loves to trash Groden’s name every chance they get….Here is a clear photo that is undeniably Billy Lovelady sitting in the DPD…


It’s not a “gorilla man” Fetzer…its Billy Lovelady…other stills of this video distort the image to make him look like a “neandertal” as you so love to put it, but its clearly him with his distinctive hairline and bald spot.Seen here…
And here…
Its called a 5 o’clock shadow for a reason…combine that with the men walking by him while he seated, and you would get an even worse shadow effect on the lower half of Lovelady’s face. But what is infinitely more clear to me is that the shirt in the DPD, outside the TSBD, four years later, and 13 years later is the SAME EXACT FUCKING SHIRT…You can go on and on about this fold matching that fold…its fucking ridiculous…add to that Oswald wasnt wearing his “brown shirt”, the one he was arrested in, at work that day. In his own words and corraborated by his landlady, he showed up 1026 N. Beckley and changed clothes…at the very least he about put a “jacket” on…now we all know Oswald didnt kill Tippett, so the shedding his jacket doesnt apply to Oswald…the shirt to most people highly resembles a suit jacket, and could have been easily misconstrued as a jacket by his landlady. So all of your Oswald shirt comparison is null and void.
Settled long ago by Groden….here it is in Billy’s own words….

Its undeniably the same exact shirt…how you can continue to deny it is unfathomable….
You keep saying he told the FBI that he was wearing a short sleeve vertically striped shirt on the day of the assassination…all the FBI memo states is that he was wearing that outfit..that day…not on November 22, 1963…once again putting words in people’s mouths to further your lame ass theory. The OIC is perpetrating a lie….its members are living a lie…Cinque and Fetzer are in it so deep, they will never concede defeat..their Ego’s to fragile to take the death blow…because what it means is that you’re discredited, everything you have ever put your name on is discredited, your reputations gone in the JFK community…you will be left on an island….alone and with nothing but your shattered dreams to keep you company…..




    • Thank you…all images courtesy of culling the interwebs, the various collages were done by me, the headstone I did, the OIC info is from Ralph’s FB page, other pics and info from Groden’s work along with the signed paper from Lovelady and his wife…not sure exactly what you are referring to so I tried to cover all bases…if I didnt answer your question feel free to specify!

  1. Sutler, sorry to be the party pooper in this love-in between you and your boyfriends Mark and bpete but I’m not going to sit idly by.

    I feel sorry for you that you can’t see the whole government story you’ve been told for the past 50 years is a lie; think about it; Oswald was in the first floor doorway, the government account is an insulting sick joke on us…they killed JFK and Oswald (the CIA & military Intel) and Tippit too.

    All those years, on our dime, they tried to hide it, wrote volumes of lies, killed people but, IT DIDN’T WORK. WE KNOW THE CIA & US MILITARY INTEL KILLED JFK and that’s the US HISTORY 101 we need to teach to our kids, that’s the way it was.

    Finally heroes like Ralph Cinque have exposed the fraud and Fritz’s notes alone confirm our theory to become fact.

    bpete. You may think you have a strong defense of putting forward the LN fake CT story but you guys have a glass chin

    Richard Hooke
    the Captain
    “Gimme Some Truth” – John Lennon

    • Look Dick, honestly I dont mind disagreeing with people about JFK or 9/11 or Sandy Hook and having discussions and back and forths with people…as long as It doesn’t get ugly. I encountered Ralph in the Amazon forums at first…its his demeanor, his cocksuredness…”I’m a chiropractor so I’m qualified to tell you how clothes hang on people” Gimme a break…and Fetzer’s enormous ego and his incessant repetition…its like some kind of mind control programming….and you…I met you when you were still fledgling around in the other Oswald FB group…trying to brainwash the masses. You’re all nonconceding assholes and neverwrong pricks…. All of you set the tone early on as to how to refute your claims…You cant pick and chose your evidence…right above your “out front with Bill Shelley” it says eating 1st floor lunch…no where else either in testimony or REPORTS does it ever state Oswald says he was out front with Bill Shelley…they all say he was eating lunch…go have a look at bpete’s blog and my comment, you’ll understand better…

    • Earth to Captain Dick,

      The middle picture in your refrigerator art shows Oswald with a chin as pointed as Lovelady’s. Which proves that depending on the angle of the photo, your premise is shot down.

      But beyond that is the ridiculous notion that Ralph Cinque is a hero. You show just how delusional you truly are when you make such statements.

      I also thinks it’s cute they way you guys now have nicknames in your little cult…you’re The Captain and Ralph is “Hero”. Is Fetzer “The Walrus” ?

      Fritz’s notes don’t confirm anything except the fact that he wrote the phrase “out with Bill Shelley in front” down on a piece of paper. Neither you nor Ralph The Zero Cinque know what in the hell he meant by the phrase or what he was referring to, because his notes, his report, the FBI reports, Oswald’s co-workers and Oswald himself, place Oswald on the 1st floor.

      You can’t change that will all the refrigerator art in the world. Ralph The Zero Cinque can’t change that with bloviating and threats.

      Now before you start changing the textbooks of kids all over the world…you might want to get something in your narrative correct.

  2. The Martin GIF that you posted above is one i created about a year ago.

    Cinque said that this version of the Martin film must be a fake, because it was so much clearer thatn the Groden version on his DVD

    • Hmmm…yes what a mystery…surely couldn’t be your gif is from a earlier version than Grodens…we know how copies of copies of copies get made and degrade the quality of the film…but it surely couldn’t be that simple…”must be faked, like Mary Poppins”…hahaha

    • The middle photo of Lovelady I think is the closest match to the face and head of doorway man..its a slam dunk…but its been “oswaldified” by the FBI to look more like Oswald…I just love their rationale when things blatantly kill their theory…

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