I wonder who you’re referring to here Ralph? I’ll take it as a personal affront and rebut accordingly.  JFK researchers for the most part get along, now don’t get me wrong, they are also very touchy and protective of their work.The lone nutters, as you refer to them,are basically stcking to the official story. They have their reasons, and flawed or not, are entitled to believe what they choose. There is no new evidence that points to Oswald pulling the trigger, nowadays it’s more about defending their position. There have been hundreds of books come out since the assassination putting forth evidence to the contrary. But I don’t hate them for it…look at my blog…you’ll find nothing but evidence pointing to Oswald’s innocence, proof Sandy Hook was bullshit, the Boston Bombing wasn’t what it appeared to be, and other conspiracy stuff sprinkled in…I am a conspiracy realist and proud of it. I’m not telling people to believe me and only me…I’m merely giving my opinion and how I see things….I look at it like this…lets transfer your ideal to religion. I don’t know what religion if any you believe in, but for as an example, say you are a Christian…so any one who believes different than you is an enemy of yours…no matter if aside from disagreeing with their belief, they are a good well meaning person. Now there is no proof to substantiate your belief over someone else’s and vice versa. It’s akin to a form racism or prejudice…now the guy who is, say…a Jehovah’s Witness. What he believes doesnt affect you and what you believe doesn’t affect him.  Until that guy knocks on your door to try to convert you. Then it affects you…You’re having someone else’s beliefs forced on you without you asking for it.  Which is exactly what you’re doing to people….you’re forcing your beliefs on people, you dont accept criticism, you dont acknowledge evidence against your theory, and if you do, you misinterpret and twist things to suit your agenda. I cant speak for anyone else but me, I don’t need Oswald to be on those front stairs to exonerate him from shooting the President.  I’ve done other research to satisfy and justify my opinion. I don’t believe he was on the 6th floor shooting, and this opinion is formed from the excellent work of Barry Ernest.  Vicki Adams had no agenda…she didnt seek the spotlight…neither did Styles or Garner…interviewed almost 45 years later…seperately…they all corraborated each other stories and details of the stories. I trust Ernest’s work because he didn’t do it for the fame and money, he did it to right a wrong. He interviewed Truly in 1967…he’s been around for a long time…mostly keeping to himself. Doing work for Weisberg, spending time in the archives…hell Weisberg is the one who told him to write the book before he died.  Personally I don’t hate people for having different beliefs…just dont preach to me about it and be unable to engage in a civil discussion about it. The people I obviously have a problem with are ones who put forth purposeful disinformation…like the OIC….Unless you are a complete buffoon,  I know in your heart of hearts, you either know it’s not Oswald in the doorway or you’ll never be able to prove it….but your initial mistake has snowballed into some Fetzer fueled group and you all are in way too deep to turn back now.


Have a gander at this…this blows your little “Fritz’s notes” bullshit right out of the water…its exactly what I thought happened…they are not interrogation notes you dumb pluck! So tell Fetzer to stop spreading lies on his radio show and on VT…

Right there in Fritz’s WC testimony he admits to not taking notes during the interrogation…and admits to crafting them days later…so who knows what the fuck is going on…imagine the information overload Fritz was under during that weekend…no way are those notes verbatim what Oswald said…so cross that off your list of “evidence” and stop spreading your misinformation. If you or Fetzer did an ounce of investigation into your theories before spouting them out, maybe you wouldn’t be the laughingstock of JFK research…Just like the whole Coke thing…it doesn’t compute with your theory to have Oswald out front then running up for a coke…it didnt compute with the timeline of the WC either which is why it was struck by Baker…it gave them an extra 15 -20 seconds to get Oswald down the stairs…but it was reported several times that Oswald was drinking a coke…
And here….
And here…

You’re done…your finished…your “evidence” is dropping like dead flies out of thin air…by the way…I finally figured out who you guys remind me of…Mermaidman & Barnacle Boy
Here they are outside their little convention. …
And after the lectures when they can dance and unwind…



  1. To those with the ability to reason, I think you explained your position well. To those with an agenda such as the OIC, it doesn’t matter how you phrase anything they will re-phrase it in their mind to justify their position.

    As an aside, I placed a permanent link to your blog on mine. Over in the right hand column under My Blog List.

    I know we don’t agree on some topics such as Sandy Hook and Boston but that doesn’t mean I think differing views should be eliminated from the discussion.

    Keep up the good work…


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