Ralphie…can we let the poor bastard rest in piece yet? Good lord…it just never stops…evidence after evidence…testimony after testimony…proving you wrong…week after week…and now…I’ve heard it all. You are issuing a $50,000 challenge to lay people to see who they think, based on your picture, was in the doorway…


So…let me get this straight…you are using a blurry picture of Oswald and a side view of non-flattering image of Billy Lovelady, who YOU say isn’t even Lovelady. God…you are a fucking moron. For starters, you could at least put some real honest pictures of Oswald and Lovelady to compare with “Doorway Man”. The OIC has done and said some stupid things in the past, but this takes the cake…no wonder you feel confident issuing a $50,000 challenge…using those pics, I’d feel pretty confident too…How about an honest collage for starters….
This is HONEST…It accurately depicts what both men were wearing that day at work.
Now you wanna call me vile and disgusting? You get what you give Ralphie…you attacked me first on your Facebook page, then banned me so I couldn’t respond. You’re the reason this blog exists…you did it to yourself buddy boy. I needed an outlet to get my voice heard…and its been heard by over 20, 000 people. You wanna talk shit about me, bpete, Steve Haydon, Joe Backes, and Robin Unger on your page? See what you get? I would also suggest and implore EVERYONE who reads this blog to report the OIC page to Facebook for harassment as I have. Enough of these, and they will have one less outlet to spread their lie.
In my feedback to their decision I went into more detail about the personal attacks and slander being propagated by this page and Ralph Cinque in particular, and urged them to reconsider their position. And how dare I talk shit about the members of the OIC? I CALLED EVERYLAST ONE OF THEM OUT and all Ralphie cares about is Craig Roberts. He’s what I refer to as a “cash in”…much like Fetzer who saw the interest inOliver Stone’s movie JFK and to decided to write a book at the time to “cash in”…much like people who only care on the big anniversaries. What did he really contribute that was new? NOTHING…What has he done since? NOTHING… This group is full of coattail riders who continue to besmirch the good name of Billy Lovelady and call him a liar. Maybe you didnt see this before, so I’ll post it again. HE NEVER TOLD THE FBI THATS WHAT HE WAS WEARING ON NOV.22, 1963…IT’S WHAT HE WAS WEARING IN 1964 WHEN THE F.B.I. ASKED HIM TO COME IN.

I urge everyone to continue to marginalize this group’s existence on the Internet on a daily basis until they are as extinct as the dinosaurs they are.




  1. As of this writing, I would say the Lovelady family has a fair to good case against Cinque and his posse of pussies. You’ll be handing that fifty large over to them, Ralph……… for damages. Can anyone get more stupid than he, the walking, talking turnip? Methinks not.

  2. Looking at the photo of the Lovelady graves, I wonder if you’re aware that the OIC fuckwits have claimed that Patricia Lovelady’s death was faked.
    Lets hope that some surviving family members become aware of this and sue the ass off these bastards….

  3. QED, gentlemen. This merits some legal analysis……but by the Lovelady family attorney, if there are indeed “aggrieved” parties who may or may bot be aware of this madness. The point has been made, I won’t mention it again. This is, after all, a serious matter.

    • I agree…the OIC is after all calling Billy Lovelady a liar and slandering him and his memory…I can only hope the proper people come across the OIC and what they’re trying to do to his good memory.

  4. Message to Ralphie….
    I know you’re now furiously back – pedalling from yours and Dick’s claim that Patricia Lovelady’s death was faked, but fortunately the screen grabs taken at the time tell a different story.
    I’m hanging on to them for a while because I think there are some people who are very interested in seeing them……

    • You’ve got nothing bpete! All you have is a lie started by Joseph Backass on his hateblog. The only thing you’re grabbing is piles of crap spewing from his Backehole along with Unger and Adam SLUTler . My lawyer has your info on file in his safe so just watch it

      • Ralphie, you might think it’s smart to go back and remove your lies when you think they’re about to bite you in the ass, but just remember…they all get documented.
        Since you can’t even work out who I am it’s obvious that most of this is beyond you.

        Probably a good idea to stay in touch with your lawyer though….

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