Hmmm…hmmm…hmm…..hmmmm…hmmmm…hmmmmm….What? Oh sorry…this is supposed to be an informative blogpost here….i was relaxing to the soothing sounds of….


This whole farce is just getting comical now…In my real life and on this blog, humor is a huge part of it. I don’t recommend taking yourself too seriously and Barnacle Boy (Ralphie) you are displaying some serious mental faculty breakdown…I suggest you get help immediately! I’m also going to go out on a limb here and accuse you Barnacle Boy of faking at least half of your Facebook page likes by creating false identities. Only 3 or 4 different people ever like your posts or try to comment…it really is pathetic. You have made this whole thing so convoluted, you can’t even keep all your lies straight anymore…and Ralph you can talk all the shit you want about me and what you think I am, I know what you are…you are a fake ass person and a fake ass doctor…thank you to Joe Backes…



You assume false identities and pose as countless different people online…thats a fact. Go see for the latest in Barnacle Boy’s multiple personality disorder…so Cybill…I mean Ralph…I mean Barnacle Boy, wants to know where I think Oswald was at the time of the shooting and what he was doing?


If you have read my blog at all, you’d know the answer to that question.  Sitting in the Domino room reading or eating…pretty simple Barnacle Boy. And you’re right…I am a grown ass man and would wipe the floor with your skinny old ass, so go fast and meditate on that shit.
And then we have Mermaid Man (Fetzer) rearing his ugly head after getting called out and lambasted on the JFK-Assassination Research Bureau group page…spouting the usual tripe..I’m right, you’re wrong, go to Veterans Today and see the article I wrote on this or that…


He attacked several members of the group including Charles Cliff a former OIC member who realized very quickly the sham that was being perpetrated and after asking a few questions was called a shill and a “plant”.


I am throughly enjoying bpete’s destruction of the OIC anomalies in the Altgens photo…I highly recommend it…good stuff sir! Can be found Here. Keep up the fight good sirs, we are winning battles left and right, but the war isn’t over until they…


Joe is obviously a smart man and wants nothing to do with the likes of you…what? Your ego’s never let you consider that possibility before? Shocker!





  1. Barnacle Boy………… Mermaid Man………… it’s all too much, as Ringo once sang !!!!!!

    Jack Kennedy would be proud, gentlemen. No, really. Still love watching his old press conferences.

  2. I’ll have to go over and check out Uncle Fetzer’s rants. He’ such an insufferable asshat…

    Busting the OIC on Anomaly #3 created such a temper tantrum from Ralph that I’ve got behind..
    Anomaly #4 “Black Tie Man” will hit the web soon…

    Keep fightin’ the good fight…

  3. Screenshots rule ! Heck, you guys are at the point where you could do this live, like UFOhunter and others do sometimes, with the camera pointing on the screen*. Looks like fun, too. You could hear yourselves cackling away whilst breaking it all down at the OIC…….. LOL !!

    I’d love to see Ralph using that technique*. It must be a sight in that bathroom in Buda by now…………. ga-ross !!!!!

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