While the mainstream JFK researchers are taking it laying down in Dallas this year, the self and aptly named “fringe” JFK “researchers” will be in Santa Barbara livin’ it up in the California sun…Now here recently as bpete has been ripping apart their photographic “anomalies” one by one… see HERE and recently the infighting in the OIC is a good sign that they just don’t have their shit together….in their zeal and zest for “immortal greatness” in the history books, maybe… just maybe….some guns may have been jumped without all the members of the O.I.C. being on the same page. The problem with something like having a multiple person “committee” to put forth their own evidence, there is always a chance for disagreement. I knew this was coming, I’ve been waiting for this for years…it was only a matter of time. When you try to fit this many giant egos into a cohesive unit, it always fails.  Especially when debating aspects of the Kennedy assassination.  First it was the big Larry Rivera debacle, then Fetzer aimlessly spouting forth falsehoods and misconceptions that are a couple years old, it’s quite obvious he is kept out of the Cinque “loop”, and now the Captain and Ralphie are at odds over Altgens prints and the way Dick labels his pictures…his pictures are what I would classify as a “clusterfuck” that make no sense whatsoever…


Ralphie tries to downplay the feud, but it seems to me the Captain is a little butthurt over Ralph’s scathing accusations…



And then Ralph thinks he is going to have some great revelation from Life Magazine issue showing the Altgens…


Hey Captain! We finally agree on something! Ralph will find nothing…but you and I both know he will say he found something…much like the arm lightsaber he found on a glossy print. Sigh….. so let’s break down the structure of the OIC, Ralph is the idea man, Richard makes the pictures, Fetzer is the media mouthpiece, and the rest of the guys just chime in when needed….what a recipe for disaster…do you all not see what Fetzer has done here? He was wrong on a theory about “obfuscated man”…thinking it was Lee Harvey Oswald touched over with whiteout. When, if we are being honest here, it is clearly a man in a white shirt with his elbow pointed at the camera. But ole slick talking snake oil salesman Ralphie sells his theory to Fetzer, and much like Fetzer always does, latches on like a leech and makes it own, creating and financing a committee and website and himself the chairman. Now here is the rub…we as a JFK research community have little else to rely on when it comes to new information other than books, youtube videos, forums, and BlackOp radio.  Recently after listening to a BlackOp radio segment, I hear an advertisement for the OIC’s Santa Barbara gathering…now I can infer from hearing Len interviewing Fetzer on his show, that Len doesn’t really buy the Oswald in the Doorway theory…so why does he have Fetzer on to discuss it? Answer…in short, he is throwing him a proverbial bone…Fetzer also has a radio show and could make it seem accusatory if Len doesn’t have him on to discuss it…and loads of Fetzerites would believe it… Fetzer used to be in Jim DiEugenio’s role where he is a frequent guest brought on to discuss different matters in JFK assassination research. So I can understand why Len would occasionally throw him a bone…but why would he take Fetzer’s money to promote a show where person at the conference is not something beleived in by BlackOp radio, and where one of the speakers is mortal enemies with Jim DiEugenio? That’s right, Fetzer accomodated a faux debate between John Hankey, creator of JFK 2, and Jim D in absentia when he isn’t there to defend himself. Apparently Jim D. said he would do the debate, but has been busy lately writing Reclaiming Parkland…he hasn’t even been on BlackOp radio in a couple months…but they just couldn’t wait til he was available. Now…as we know, Fetzer has made a big turn towards the LBJ did it angle recently, of which Jim D. doesn’t buy…but ironically John Hankey doesn’t either…he is a Bush did it guy…which I know Richard Hooke is too…he colorized pictures putting Poppy Bush in the window of the Dal-Tex and even W. being there as well. Ralph has been pushing the Mac Wallace and Loy Factor story recently….so just what in the hell is,  going on here? None of them are on the same page..LBJ did it, Bush did it, Fetzer puts shooters all over the goddamn place in his book, or does he go back on all his “research” now? They can’t all be behind it, they can’t all have orchestrated it, there is not enough ballistic evidence to support multiple hit teams from 3 or 4 different directions…Len is a big Prouty guy who asserts Landsdale being in Dealy Plaza is evidence of a high profile covert CIA operation…Jim D. is a big Dulles was the mastermind of the operation guy indicating “rogue” elements of the CIA…it all seems like a giant mess to me. Strange bedfellows if you will….something stinks about all this drama….I predict the shit will hit the fan soon enough…



8 thoughts on “HELL BREAKS LOOSE

  1. Ralph’s latest post makes him seem worried about whether Oswald is really “clasping” his hands a-standin’ in the Doorway there. Gosh, that would mean he’d have to change the lyrics to his song they’re all going to dance to at the Big Ball in Callyfornya.

  2. I am asking you to tell your Kennedy Killer accomplice bpete to remove my copyrighted picture of me with my grandson that he uploaded on the August 29, 2013. If you care about him not being sued and exploiting an innocent child for his hate speech vile on me I’d advise you do so immediately Clark Rob. I also DEMAND you remove any images created by the Oswald Innocence Campaign by myself or Richard Hooke. Robin Unger has wisely removed all my images from his blogspot so I commend him for that. I am drawing the line now at you all for assassinating my character and any attempt at jeopardizing my convention in Santa Barbara in November will be dealt with harshly.

    • What bpete does on his blog is his business…but I will tell you this, even if “copyrighted” video and images may be used under the Fair Use Policy…you yourself are guilty of using mine and other peoples…we all do it. The pictures Richard draws on aren’t yours to begin with…just because you draw on someone else’s photo doesn’t make it yours. So just let the whole picture thing rest…we all do it…get over it…move on and find something else to bitch about.

    • Ralph…you have every opportunity to have that picture removed.

      I have stated clearly. what is required. It’s “non-negotiable” as you would say in an email.

      Now, you have continued your libel of me outside of my blog and your Facebook page. before you do any more damage to your position, I will advise you again that you have had every opportunity to remedy this situation.

      Balls in your court Skippy…

      Don’t let your ego be the thing that takes you down.

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