Not since since Jeff Dunham introduced us to his puppet Walter, have we seen a duo quite like this…and I know once Jim gets wind of this post he’ll call it a “hit piece”…and you know Jim, you’d be right. But not only is this gonna be a hit piece, it’s going to be a truth piece…exposing you for the fraud you have perpetrated against humanity. See my earlier Fetzer post HERE
You want to call the mountain of evidence I have presented against your theory in these here blog posts amateurish? The only thing amateurish is your photo analysis skills and your interpretation of documented evidence. Jim Fetzer and the OIC have been caught repeatedly outright lying and ignoring evidence that contradict their theory…for spot on analysis of the OIC’s lies and pathetic attempts to back up their claim please feel free to peruse all Fetzer and OIC blog posts here and visit this excellent blog HERE. Fetzer likes to argue using supposed logic…while he can make it all sound convincing and factual…if you actually take the time to research his claims, you’ll find most of his claims hold about as much water as a fishing net.
There is lie number one…the Facebook group isn’t mine, i didn’t create it, and I don’t administrate it…So why your nasty words Fetzer? Is it because I present you with evidence to the contrary? Nasty remarks? Look here Fetzer, when I initially emailed you with my concerns I was nothing but nice and respectful. Go back and read my first blog post about the OIC and you will see I was doing my best to disagree in a respectful and kind manor. You’re the one who replied with disdain and hurtful remarks calling my effort feeble and amateurish…no common courtesy…no mutual respect…no encouragement from a fellow researcher…NOTHING! And as your lies grew and more evidence ignored, I got angry…any respect I had for you vanished…all your previous “exploits” were now be called into question in my mind. And the more I thought about what you do and your tactics, the more convinced I become that you sir are a bonafide “DISINFORMATION AGENT! A retired professor with alot of time on his hands and money at his disposal.
Have you noticed what Fetzer does in print and on his radio show? He incessantly repeats “facts” and links to previous articles. He says them word for word, with the exact same inflection, with the exact same emphasis….he goes off on these rants multiple times a show, forcing his opinions and beliefs on the guest and the audience. And being a Philosophy professor, Fetzer knows exactly how the mind works, he knows exactly what he is doing to the people that listen to his show and read his articles…its called brainwashing…or indoctrination.
Lie number two…
And this was posted on Veteran’s Today in an article by Fetzer…your little brainwashed disciple is the one who started the thread…and you know it…
See how this works Jim? You lie and then I prove you lied. Pictures are worth a thousand words and if any body doesn’t believe me, they can go look at the FB comment section of the VT articles for themselves.
Jim Fetzer is not a real researcher, he latches onto other people’s research, and if he likes it, he inserts himself into the picture and makes it his own…let’s look at some Jim’s actions of the past…first he alligns himself with the nano thermite crowd, promotes them, then discredits them…then he alligns himself with the Directed Energy Weapon crowd and Judy Wood, promotes them, then discredits them, now he has alligned himself with the mini nuke crowd, is promoting them, …gee guys…I’m not a rocket scientist…but what do you think is gonna happen next? He also believes that the planes used in New York to attack the twin towers were holograms…despite him just recently having an eyewitness to having the pass over so close on 9/11 he could hear the engines screaming and the bass rumble of the engines shaking his body…I didn’t know holograms could do that…(they can’t) Fetzer also believes that a C130 dropped plane wreckage and debris onto the lawn of the Pentagon…again, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see how ridiculous this theory is…1) Nobody reported seeing this occur and 2) It would be impossible to precision drop all this crap into a finite area and 3) it’s the most retarded supposition I’ve ever heard in my life. Here is what some of the 9/11 crowd think of Fetzer….

He has promoted some pretty lame JFK theories as well, Oswald in the Doorway, Judyth Baker, and Madeline Brown. We keep hearing “I’ve had over 100 conversations with Madeline Brown”…really Jim? Where are they? What exactly was said? Did you look into and substantiate her claims? No…because that would entail actual research and work on your part. And lest we not forget the insane Canadian woman who accused her ex boyfriend of shooting JFK and being an 80 year old bank robber… read more about that HERE Jim had her on his show twice and wrote an article on VT about it all, including the funniest bit of radio I have ever heard…Jim getting the run around from the FBI…PRICELESS!
Jim Fetzer has to be the dumbest “smart guy” around….an 80 year old guy in a kilt and clown shoes….stalking another elderly person? Hahahahhahahhahahahahaha!! FUCK!! I think I just pissed myself laughing so hard…Fetzer you sir are the only one wearing clown shoes around here jackass…disinfo agent….infiltrator….liar….scumbag…egomaniac…and all around bad person. Here’s Jim cruising the streets of Madison…
Here’s Jim at the beach…
Here’s Jim fishing…
Jim at the drive-thru…
And dressed up as Batman…
All this is as silly as Jim’s theories he tries to dump on an unsuspecting public…wake up people…just because someone sounds authoritative, doesn’t mean they know jack shit or have a clue as to what’s really going on…



  1. So when is Squealer going to realize that his pants are down to his ankles an his plump and voluptuous derriere is on display for all to see? I suppose that would not be too offensive if you were into old obese men with a superficial superiority complex. 🙂 LOL



    1. The act of making an unfounded or unsubstantiated claim.

    2. In philosophy, a method of debate or discussion based of the premise of: I think, therefore I am. I think you’re wrong. therefore you are.

    3. The act of disagreeing by employing rancor, name calling, ad hominem attacks or straw man argument.

    Etymology: Fetzering began in earnest in the late 1960’s, being implemented by a JFK conspiracy theorist and has since expanded it’s use in the 9/11 debate arena.

    1. Without evidence your claim is simple fetzering.

    2. He should rely on his data instead of fetzering.

  2. Why am I not surprised that you have to fabricate arguments and even photographs to make even an implausible case against me? Obviously, the real me is invulnerable to your contrived complaints. Let anyone study my actual work and the fraud here becomes overwhelmingly apparent. Go to, for example, and search on 9/11, including “Michael Rivero blows his cover as a 9/11 gatekeeper”. Or check out, “Judy Wood and DEWs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. Or “America Nuked on 9/11”, which is also available at Good reading!

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