Whelp…that’s it for me. The damage is done, my compadres can continue the good fight. I’ve made my point, the evidence is on record, I just don’t know what else can be done. The Oswald Innocence Campaign will continue on, evidence will continue to be ignored, I can only hope people searching them out will stumble across this blog and others that show the truth…the truth being it was Billy Lovelady in the doorway and not Lee Oswald. Us little people don’t have the platforms afforded to us as the OIC does…we don’t have radio shows, we aren’t guests on radio shows, we aren’t published in renowned websites…it is what it is. History will absolve us…I’ve said all I had to say on this and done all I can to discredit the OIC and point out their fraudulent behavior…on to bigger and brighter things…adios…for now.





6 thoughts on “MOVING RIGHT ALONG….

  1. i’m glad you can finally admit defeat and that your silly blogs on trashing the OIC are over. I hope that the STEVEia loving HAY eating DONkey bpete gets the clue too. I just hope your CIA employers don’t get too angry with your failure in discrediting me. I hope people who do come here see you as the Kennedy KIllers you are, posing as CTs. bpete and Robin Unger believe the Warren Commission word for word but it’s no surprise . Unger descended from criminals’s sent from bpete’s merry old England

    • The only thing I’m admitting is that you are a waste of my time. Your group will discredit itself in due time. Anything else from me would be giving you undue attention. I’ve proved everything I set out to prove…the only thing defeated is you…there doesn’t need to be 4 or 5 of us ripping you a new asshole on a daily basis, and I’ve got other things I’d like to concentrate on for a while…without us to write about and attack every day, you’d be lost. Sad little Ralphie…now scurry back into Daddy Fetzer’s asshole, right there next to that giant bloody hemorrhoid, where you belong.

  2. Gosh, what in the Dickens ever happened to that place? As stated before, quoting Groucho, “I refuse to join any club that would accept me as a member (sic)”. Who reads these old threads anyway???? Soon there will be a $3.95 ‘reading charge”.

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