You know that moment when you start to question if you’re wasting your time? If all your hard work was for nothing? I was feeling that way…until this morning…when I got some wonderful news.


What was at one time a vehicle used to attempt to vindicate their theory, the Oswald Innocence Campaign Facebook page had turned into a hate spewing machine. The old man I guess didn’t grasp the concept that you can’t use social media to call people Kennedy killers and liars and mudder ruckers. On a blog you can say what you want, not on someone else’s (Facebook) platform. Your tool to reach the masses and remain relevant is gone. Enjoy Blogger land Ralph…I know from personal experience it can be a lonely place sometimes…have fun starting from scratch again. 
Oh…..and before I forget, I just wanted to point out how much of a blatant liar Ralph Cinque really is…


He touts his book as being awarded “first place” in two different book awards.


Now the Premier Book Awards are awarded by a regional Australian library…so lets look at their 2009 awards like Ralph said that he won “first place”….



Hmmm….sorry buddy…but I’m just not seeing it…no winner or even a finalist…LIES LIES LIES…now lets check the Best Books award…I actually found your book listed this time…


First place = a Gold medal…you lied…somebody else won the gold Ralph…you didn’t get the Silver (2nd place) or Bronze (3rd place) or even an Honorable mention (4th place) Lies…lies…lies..all to try to sell a book…so what do you think Ralphie does to sell everybody his theories? Lies…lies…lies…lies…your not a Doctor, your not a chiropractor. ….congrats Ralphie….you’re finally First Place in something…being a LIAR!


More lies to sell a book…and I’ll settle the great debate right now…Ralph you are the biggest fruit of them all!







  1. I’ve been rumblin’ with Ralph……… inside ‘The Pink Circle’…….. LOL !!!!!! He’s already banned me there. Ain’t life grand in blogland, Ralphie? Facebook is for losers, right? They’re just a buncha fuddy-duddys, right, Ralph? How’s Roy Lewis these days, Doctor?

    • It’s okay…probably a clerical error…he had to run to his Daddy who probably penned an epic tome citing how aggrecious and unfair it all was…little pussy Pinnochio…KEEP REPORTING THE PAGE EVERTYTIME HE MENTIONS SOMEBODY’S NAME!

  2. Can’t? Are you out of your mind? I didn’t know it gave you that much pleasure. But, since it does, I removed them. Fuck you, Mofo. Hey Sutler, what you think of the 12th of September?

      • So, you’re saying that I fabricated the document the way you fabricate images of Buell Frazier out of he-men? I didn’t fabricate anything. Read what it says. It’s exactly what I received, along with a check for $100.

      • Yeah motherfucker…thats exactly what we’re saying…when you made this on your computer Ralph, you forgot a gold seal and a signature from the person in charge…you big dummy…Pinnochio Cinque…lies again!

  3. Well, I’m sure it can be confirmed if the document I have is valid or not.If you’re sure about what you say, then what do you say we bet? I’ll bet $100,000 that it’s legit, that it was sent to me, along with a check for $100.

    • The HGH business.must be booming! We all know it aint from sales of your shitty book. The proof is right there in the post Ralph I have the 2009 winners of the Premier Book Awards…your name aint there…all you have is a WordPad yard sale sign…keep trying Buda Boy

  4. Your book sucks, Ralph, graphically and textually, but as I said before, it was a noble attempt. You should spend your time creating many more of these, awards or not. But please remove yourself immediately from trying to further the investigation of the Kennedy assassination. You do not belong there. I am kindly asking you to bow out.

  5. O’Blase’ Boy, you are the one who is going to be bowing to the truth that Lee Harvey Oswald was standing in the doorway when JFK got shot. It is a locomotive, and you are standing on the tracks. But suit yourself.

    • Haha…I can just picture Ralph with his head out of the train engine blaring the horn…quick question…How do you fit your head out the window with that nose? Do you have to turn your head sideways first?

  6. It was Lovelady, Ralph. And how all those ‘Senior Members” of your group still concur with you is a mystery to me.

    You should, in the interest of group cohesiveness, ask EACH Senior Member to make a statement re-affirming this for all to read on your Facebook/blogspot pages, so we may know you are as one. Kind of like re-affirming one’s wedding vows, as I did with my wife after ten years together. Looking forward to hearing from ALL of them, Doctor.

  7. Some of our senior members have acknowledged Oswald in the doorway in their own writings, such as David Wrone, Phllip Nelson, Orlando Martin, and Vincent Salandria. And then there are Mark Lane, Jim Garrison, Jim Douglass, Penn Jones and others for whom you’re not fit to shine their shoes.

  8. Let’s look a little closer at Ralphie’s Certificate…they sent you a freakin certificate that you hung in a frame and you were too fuckin cheap to buy a mat…the certificate is too small for the frame…

    Like wise…I did some checking into the name of the award and came up with some Pittsburg,Texas yahoo…Here they announce the 2008 winners

    by 2009,,,the website listed on the previous story is defunct and taken over by some Chinese crap…

    • Not on to anything Ralph…just showing where every word that comes out of your keyboard is a lie….how many chicks did you try to scam with the award winning author crap?

      wait what am I saying…all the pics you pick out from Google are the young dark haired foreign boys….freakin perv

      • Especially when you consider the Best Book awards are from a freakin trade paper that then tries to sell you foil stickers to put on your book to try to con people into buying them. Sort of like when Ralph got together with some fellow starvation I mean fasting hacks to form a group that he then touts being the head of…

        Bullshit to the bone man

  9. Hey Rob, explain to us how you, a supposed CT who believes in Oswald’s innocence, could be such great pals with bpete who says that Oswald was guilty but “wasn’t solely responsible”? Doesn’t it bother you that he advocates that Oswald was up on the 6th floor pumping bullets into Kennedy? That seems like an awfully big divergence from your position. In fact, you have more in common with me because we both place Oswald downstairs and far away from the 6th floor and not guilty of anything.

    So, explain to me the logic of that because it doesn’t seem the least bit logical to me.

    • Once again old man, everybody has a theory as to Oswald’s involvement or lack there of. NOBODY REALLY KNOWS THE TRUTH! …Yet… I don’t claim to have all the answers…but…I have strong convictions that it wasn’t Oswald in the Doorway…so while we can all have differing theories about the truth of what happened, we agree strongly it was Billy Nolan Lovelady and not Ozzy. Clear enough Ralph? This whole CT/LN is propaganda…I think Gerald Posner is a dick…but hey, so is Mark Lane…but thats just from personal experience…Add Jim Fetzer as a dick too…No one can empirically know everything about the Kennedy assassination….I have a problem with unreasonable people…I don’t think Oswald shot Tippit…there…see Ralph we can agree on something.

  10. No, not clear enough at all. You can’t tell me that your accord with bpete about Lovelady being the man in the doorway overrides the central issue. Bpete has said that Oswald “was not solely responsible”. Think about the meaning of those words. It means that Oswald WAS responsible but not solely responsible. Well, what does “responsible” mean? Well, it doesn’t mean that he opened the door for the killers. It can only mean that he must have been “a” shooter. And that places him up on the 6th floor shooting at Kennedy.

    Now, those are real words that came out of bpete’s mouth, and they mean what they mean. So now you know what he is: by his own admission, he vouches for Oswald as a shooter and killer. Therefore, why do you align yourself with him when you claim to be a CT who vouches for Oswald innocence?

    • No again you tell another lie…what I said was I have never stated that I thought Qswald was solely responsible in reply to your claiming I’m a lone nutter…

      Get the facts straight asshole

    • Ralph while I personally believe Oswald was on the first floor like he said he was, that is my belief based on evidence I have examined. Some people believe he was shooting but missed on purpose, some people believe he brought a rifle to work that day and somebody else used it, people can believe whatever they wish, I have a problem with people like McAdams and you who purposely disperse false information and ignore evidence for their own personal gain, you apply only the “evidence”, even unsubstantiated evidence to support your position. There is no evidence supporting your theory except the bullshit you make up…none…zip…nada.

  11. It means what it means. When you chose to put it that way, you implied that you believe Oswald was responsible but not solely responsible, which makes him a shooter.

    Why don’t you just tell us precisely how you think the assassination went down and Oswald’s exact role in it?

    • You’re right it means what it means.

      I didn’t imply anything, I said exactly what I meant. You called me a lone nutter and I said I have never claimed Oswald was solely responsible for shooting JFK. that’s your problem ralph, you live in some fantasy land where everything means something else. You’re a delusional whack job that thinks by running off at the mouth endlessly, you can make people think you’re smarter than they are. You’re not. You’re a one trick pony that is riding the backs of dead men to some delusional level of achievement.

      Play all the word games you want I don’t play that shit especially with someone who lies at every breath.

  12. Hey Rob, bpete is spinning. He’s trying to evade taking a position on the core issue of the JFK assassination, except that he definitely backed away from the official lone-nut position that Oswald was the sole assassin. He did that when he denied that he ever said that Oswald was solely responsible, which implies that he believes that Oswald was NOT solely responsible, which means he believes in conspiracy. But, he refuses to say more than that. He refuses to lay out exactly what he believes. The only thing he’s willing to vouch for is that it wasn’t Oswald in the doorway. Talk about being a one-trick pony.

    But, you claim to stand for Oswald innocence. So, why are you cooperating with someone who refuses to take that stand? How could that not matter to you?

    I’m talking to Rob here, bpete. I’m not asking for your opinion. You can go straight to Hell.

    • Again another lie…I said what I said

      You accused me of being a lone nutter and I said that I never said that Oswald was solely responsible..

      and you can go fuck yourself Ralph…with your fake certificate…like your fake license…like your fake HGH…and everything else you profess…you’re fake…everything about you.

      You’re probably living off of Linda’s fucking money you worthless piece of shit

      You’re a lying cocksucker than likes to dance when cornered.

      You’ve been debunked you ass hat…repeatedly

    • Ralph, it doesn’t matter what bpete believes in about the assassination, because he is not trying to cram his theories down anyone’s throat or being deceitful in the process. Thats the difference…its like religion Ralph, I dont care what you are as long as you dont try to convert me

  13. Doesn’t pass muster, Rob. There is a core issue involved here: was Oswald innocent or guilty? You’ve claimed to be an advocate for Oswald innocence, and any and every real advocate for Oswald innocence is going to make his affiliations with others based on whether they advocate for Oswald innocence. Don’t tell me it doesn’t matter what bpete believes. If you are a real CT, your first and foremost obligation is NOT to affiliate with ANYONE who advocates for Oswald guilt. And anyone who is unwilling to say, you would tell to go to Hell. It’s OBVIOUS that Oswald was innocent, and if they can’t admit it, then fuck ’em. Alarm bells should go off in your head.

    If you conspire with the enemy, you are the enemy.

    • This isn’t “Westside Story” Ralph…sit doesnt have to be black and white…there is plenty of gray areas in the JFK assassination. ..some things we agree on, some things we dont. When you hate someone for their ideals, that makes you a monster. Sorry Ralph, but I need a better reason to hate someone…this is just JFK research, we aren’t changing the world here…And I’m not here to live up to your “CT” standards…I am my own man.

    • Oh shut the fuck up you little melodramatic bitch.

      What matters is you’ve been lying your damn ass off about people who had nothing to do with the damned assassination like Ike Altgens just to make your bones you pathetic asshat..

      You will lie and defame someone who just punched the clock and went out and did his job all to try to make a name for yourself. That’s what it comes down to…lying. Something you do every fucking time you open your damn mouth.

      I could have gone in to a damn court room and either nailed Oswald based on the shit his had going against him or I could have gotten him off scot-free with the shit the government fucked up. Another problem with you drama queens…you take things the government did to cover a grand screw up on someone’s part and turn it into the conspiracy of the century and it doesn’t matter how little the thing may be.

      You Ralph Cinque will quote the damn Warren Commission one second if it favors your position and in the next breath accuse them of being lying govt agents. You do that with everything. You talk out of both sides of your ass.

      Go crack open a fucklng book before you start questioning people like me who you swears lies about someone’s testimony only to find out I am dead on right and you are wrong.

      You’re a fucking idiot Cinque…and everyone knows it except those too stupid to pay attention

  14. No, no, no. It is like West Side Story. The Jets vs Sharks. CTs (except for the phony HSCA-type) are lthe Jets, and the lonenutters are the Sharks. And if you’re a Jet, you don’t collaborate with Sharks. Period. bpete, fuck you. I’m here to stay, and I’m ready to rumble.

    • Really Ralph? Do you hate black people because their skin is darker than yours? Do you hate Muslims because they have different religious beliefs? Do you hate women because they don’t have a penis and big muscles? Do you hate gays because they like people of the same sex? THIS AINT THE 50’S ANYMORE RALPH.

      • there’s your delusions talking……it’s like mary poppins….it’s like west side story….it’s like v for vendetta….

        Ralph Cinque cannot separate fantasy from reality. he cannot have a rational conversation without mentioning fighting or was or battle or the octagon.

        There is the problem in a nutshell. Fetzer has found a ankle biting chihuahua to yap at the end of the rope for nothing more than the attention it brings his way.

        Might as well have a side show geek eating chickens to draw a crowd

  15. bpete is concerned about the wronging Buell Frazier and Billy Lovelady by Ralph Cinque, but the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald has been wronged maligned for killing two men by the whole world for 50 years doesn’t bother him in the last. Again, a little hypocrite to the core of his being.

    Sounds like you’re losing it there, Bub. In any case, if you think I am affected or the least bit put out by your nasty penmanship, then you don’t know me. I don’t give a shit what you say. Sticks and stones and all that. But, I suggest you save it until we meet. Why waste your energy? You’re going to need it.

    • No ralph, as usual you can’t comprehend what you read. I said you were trashing Ike Altgens, who if he didn’t go to work that day you wouldn’t have a photograph to base your lies on.

      I know you don’t care what anyone says because you’re a sociopath. A narcissistic psycho that puts your claim to fame above everything…including the truth.

      You talk a big game but you can’t do shit. You’re just a dime a dozen keyboard commando with no game and all day to spew crap from your computer.

      No I don’t give a shit that Oswald got blamed for something he may not have done….the strange thing about the entire case is this….for all you claim to know…you can’t prove he didn’t have anything to do with the situation.

      You’re living you life like you’re Oswald incarnate.. All this billy bad ass talk when truth be known you’re just a washed up out of work divorced spinal cracker who couldn’t hack it through med school so you decided on the easy way out until you either fucked up and made a deal to give up your paper or get your ass sued, or you couldn’t hack it any more and thought you get rich quick off your vitamin/hormone/mal-practice scam.

      If we do ever meet I guarantee you the only way you’ll leave the meeting is when they come and spray the place down with a hose and squeegee your pathetic shit stain of an existence off the pavement.

      You don’t intimidate a damn soul with your vile little tape worm mentality. As I said before, you’re the greatest thing to hit the JFK world since typhus.

  16. Just so you know, your blather has no effect on me. I couldn’t care less. And what happens when we meet will happen when we meet. And then we’ll find out, won’t we? But, as of now, you’re running way behind in attacking my materials. What’s the matter? Can’t you keep up? Well, maybe the new guy will pick up the slack. I hope so.

    • You got nothing new Ralph…you’re rehashing old crap with your gorilla lovelady hair critique.

      Nothing…hell Richard puts out more original crap in a week than you do in a month.

      That’s what I meant by insignificant. After you pissed Richard off you got nothing but re-runs. I notice Larry sends his stuff to him and not you…

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