Now you may think this post is solely about Ralph Cinque’s height, or lack thereof…but you’d be wrong. While it’s true I just took another shot at Ralph’s Napoleonic Complex, there is a reason I assure you….that goddamn red and white vertically striped shirt of Billy Lovelady’s.


Now before we go too much further I pose the question…How do we know it’s red and white? It’s a black and white photo…hell… could be blue and white. Was the colorized version of this photo done accurately and by whom? The “assertion” by the OIC that this truly represents what Lovelady was wearing that day, falsely lends them credence to move people around on the steps as they see fit to suit their needs. This all started with this FBI report…


Now the agents were sent to photograph Billy Lovelady to hopefully put to rest the speculation of it being Oswald on the stairs. They weren’t specifically told to photograph Lovelady in the clothes he was wearing in the Altgens, this was cleared up by Billy Lovelady when Josiah Thompson interviewed him for 6 Seconds in Dallas.


There you have it, once again, from the man himself. They were just the clothes he happened to have on that day when the FBI picked him up and took him to the Dallas FBI field office to be photographed…likely by a couple of low-level underlings that botched the report a little bit due to a misunderstanding….Does this qualify as a red and white striped shirt?


I believe so, thus the confusion and misunderstanding.  Now, in Ralph’s $50,000 challenge, this is the tri collage he wanted to use to identify if Doorwayman was Oswald or Lovelady…


Now Ralph confirms the image on the right is a picture of Billy Lovelady taken on November 22, 1963…these were his rules and his words. So which is it guys? Lovelady didn’t change shirts mid day…and there are no photos of Billy Lovelady wearing that vertically striped shirt on Nov.22, 1963. Now logic will tell that something is wrong here…so did the FBI make a mistake in typing their report up? Or was it just another piece of the elaborate conspiracy to cover it all up? The OIC would have you believe there was a Lovelady imposter in Dealy Plaza and that he was inserted into films and pictures that day like cartoon characters in Mary Poppins…I shit you not, that is what they believe. Billy Lovelady told everybody who interviewed him the same thing about what he was wearing, where he was standing, and even drew an arrow to himself in the Altgens 6 for the Warren Commission….
He stated to Robert Groden in writing it was him and what he was wearing..
Finally, a challenge to Ralph Cinque, find me proof Oswald was wearing that ugly shirt at work that day…I wanna see testimony from any of Oswalds coworkers as to what he was wearing that day while working…good luck…asshat!



  1. “Inserted into the films”…… the constant ace in the hole when the lies run out of gas. Prove they were inserted into the film, Ralph. That should keep you busy until Santa Barbara, huh? No, wait…..

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