I really like Buell Wesley Frazier. I could listen to the man talk for hours…I just wish somebody would ask him the right questions…while searching for Buell on YouTube, I came across a new hour long interview with ole Buell, my excitement was short lived after seeing who uploaded the video…SIXTH FLOOR MUSEUM. Oh shit, I said to myself…but I figured I’d watch it anyway with the hope of gleaning anything new. Here it is if you’d like to follow along at home.
Now…Buell has pretty much told the same story for 50 years…



His testimony proved a problem for getting a broken down Carcano into the TSBD that day as the package Buell saw was about 2 ft. long and the package needed to conceal a broken down Carcano, was about 3 ft. long. To this day Buell Frazier doesn’t believe that Lee Oswald carried a rifle into the building or shot the President that day.

Little nuances of Frazier’s story have changed over the years, like he has said that Oswald started walking while he was still revving his engine and he never caught up to him…he has also said they started off together and Lee walked purposefully faster and ahead of Frazier as they approached the building. This is one of the instances I think where Buell lied to save his ass. Look how far Buell had to park away from the TSBD…..
THAT was a freaking hike…and Buell being the nice guy he is, I think dropped Oswald off closer to the building. But that’s just me speculating…I also think they talked a lot more than Buell is letting on. Back then, people talked…they chatted… Oswald wasn’t checking his Facebook page on his phone…it was a 15-20 min. trip. To not speak would be awkward…especially when someone is doing you a huge favor. Now….back to the package…either there was one or there wasn’t. If there wasn’t, then Frazier and his sister lied and made up the curtain rod story, and were threatened or “convinced” to do so. But if Oswald did in fact bring a package like that to work, then Frazier is lying about the size of it. Would you admit to bringing an accused assassin of the President and dropping him off with what clearly resembled a gun case? Aluminum adjustable curtain rods weigh next to nothing and could easily be held with one hand from the middle horizontally. A rifle, especially broken down, is heavy and awkward with the parts shifting around while walking. You’d have to carry that package in an entirely different manner. Frazier would have to answer a whole lot of questions as to why he didn’t say anything about a rifle-like package on the day the President is passing by. So either he knew and said nothing, or he concocts a story about a shorter package that couldn’t possibly have held a rifle. And Buell knew about guns….he had a shotgun and an Infield .303 British made hunting rifle…
Know I’m not saying that if Oswald did bring a rifle that day that he shot anyone. He could have been told to plant a weapon to frame someone else or be used by someone else. He could have found the biggest piece of shit rifle he could find so whoever used it wouldn’t have a prayer of hitting anything. The possibilities are endless…
Buell tells of being interrogated for hours on end, they tried to get him to sign a confession to being an accomplice to Oswald, and when he wouldn’t sign it almost got into a fight with Chief Curry….then threatened him by saying that if Curry hit him, he would get in a few good licks before the officers in the hall could get in there…Given the smell test, something fishy is in the air….Buell is talking a lot more now…but are we hearing the truth or a “cover your ass” story?


3 thoughts on “ADDING BUELL TO THE FIRE…

    • In this interview he says he was on the top step…not visible in the Altgens and had a great view of JFK…also odd he was in the basement where the electrical box and elevator controls were…and that he went back inside after the shooting and ate his lunch in the basement…something he hadn’t ever done before.

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