Well, well, well…it would appear as though somebody is feeling very offended…or butthurt, as I like to call it. To get the full gist of what I’m going to relay, please go listen to the Fetz’s radio show featuring The Captain (Dick Hooke) HERE! Uncle Jim let’s it all hang out and insults Len Osanic of BLACKOP RADIO, Jim DiEugenio, Bill Kelly, and Robert Groden in his “interview” with the Dick. He played two clips from recent BLACKOP RADIO episodes featuring Bill Kelly from the JFK Countercoup Blog and Jim DiEugenio from CTKA. They were talking about Fetzer and the OIC’s bullying tactics and shitty research methods. And belittling their little circle jerk of a “JFK Conference” by stating the truth, it’s all people who champion Oswald in the Doorway. From Phil Nelson, Peter Janney, Ralph Cinque, Richard Hooke, Larry Rivera, Fetzer himself…The only two speakers who aren’t OIC members officially are John Hankey and Judyth Vary Baker…Although recently Judyth has stated she thinks it’s Oswald in the doorway,  and I have no idea what Hankey believes, but I’m sure he’s a supporter or he wouldn’t be speaking at this conference. Richard droned about his 70 some points of i.d. and Fetzer about the frame and spewed all of their FAKE FACTS THEY’VE FABRICATED…Now they are leaning heavily towards the Baker/Truly incident being fabricated to conceal the truth that Oswald was on the front steps when Marion Baker first ran inside…but they wouldn’t bring themselves to fake a bus pass and threaten a cab driver to lie… eh Ralphie? Ralph has been on this crusade to poll people about whether the bus and cab rides did or did not happen….it’s killing me to be nice on these forums so I don’t get the boot…right Mark! He will dig his own grave on these Facebook groups soon enough…





UPDATE – I just want to quickly point out that since the beginning of the year 2013, the 50th anniversary year of the JFK assassination, glorious JFK Researcher Jim Fetzer has had in all 8 shows to talk about the JFK assassination…All but 2, Jim Marrs and Gary King, not affiliated with the OIC…A full 2 hour show counts as 1 and a one hour segment counts as a half. He does an average of 12-15 shows a month, meaning that out of roughly 120-150 shows so far this year, 8 have been on JFK…6 Featuring OIC members….I did not include Jim as a guest on another show talking JFK or anything else…just guests on his show. 16 shows were on 9/11, 8 on Syria…7 in one month alone, so we can see where your loyalty lies Jim Fetzer….The Chairman of the OIC…In this important year of JFK research…your ego won’t allow you to be outshines by the multitudes of authors that have put out books this year that you could feature on your show…but you don’t….not one. You’re a fraud, a shill, and an embarrassment to JFK research….lest we forget this little gem you gave us as a Christmas present last year…. CLICK HERE FOR YOUR GIFT!



  1. Ahhhhh, the FOF (read: Friends of Frank). As stated before, Ralph, Mr. Sinatra would make sure you were hurt bad before breathing your last bref. Torture by any other name would be…… the OIC.

  2. That ‘gift’ just keeps on giving ! Thanks, CC7. Did you notice in the comments section that Alfred Forshaw (kin of Clyde?) removed his “comment”? Lovelady’s relatives should do something about Cinque, too! That would be a Class Action indeed. What a turnip he be.

  3. I do find it quite telling that Fetzer and The Dick are freezing out Bok Choy Boy.

    The Dick is appearing quite frequently where Bok Choy Boy is down and out in Buda Hills.

    • I’ll give the Dick credit for trying to branch out from the doorway, and does seem to have a read a book or two, albeit they still lead him to wrong conclusions….The fact that Ralph is a one trick pony may have something to do with it.

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