Goddamn I swear I missed my true calling as a by-line writer…but I digress…into another fantastically retarded interview with Richard Hooke by The Fetz. You can listen HERE if you hate yourself and love torturing yourself as much as I do…but I do it for you, so you don’t have to endure Fetzer’s Fetzering. I’ll give you the gist of it…The interview starts with them expressing so much dismay and disdain that…HELLO…a mainstream magazine would print an article bad mouthing Lee Harvey Oswald and continue to portray him as a lone nut assassin?


With this stellar lineup, what did you think was happen? Logic lesson Fetzer….What is easier to write and fit in a magazine…picking and choosing elements of the story that portray Oswald as a shooter? OR Confusing the hell out their conservative old fuddy duddy readers with a whole convoluted story of conspiracy and CIA involvement? I mean that would take an entire book…and those books have already been written. You have to remember their audience…so don’t be surprised this is still happening today…I mean who the FUCK reads that old man magazine anyway? Nobody I know…
Another thing I gleaned from Hooke’s ramblings was his outrage they portrayed Oswald as an angry wifebeater…You might wanna go talk to Judyth Vary Baker, the woman you believe in, the woman speaking at your conference…says Lee told her he hit his wife! It supposedly caused a major rift between them…and you bad mouth James Files’ story as unreliable and that he was likely the bag man for Nicholetti instead of being the actual shooter, and in the next sentence are singing the praises of Judyth Vary Baker and Madeline Brown…both of whose stories can’t be substantiated…


I am a fair reviewer, and if I learn something, I’ll give you credit…Hooke did drop a nugget that supposedly Oswald had a scrap of paper with a phone number in his pocket when arrested…The number was to a payphone in a Ft. Worth hotel lobby, and that David Atlee Phillips was picked up at the hotel….which if true is a bombshell…where the story takes a left turn, is that he alleges he has a picture of Phillips serving coffee up IN THE TSBD , right after the assassination…”Which makes sense because he was Oswald’s handler and wanted to close by to make sure everything went according to plan”-Richard Hooke. Now I wonder how he can be in Ft. Worth and Dallas at approximately the same time? AND I CAN GUARAN-GODDAMN-TEE THAT IF PHILLIPS WAS IN THE TSBD WATCHING OR DIRECTING OSWALD, HE SURE AS SHIT WOULDN’T HAVE LET HIS PATSY WALK OUT FRONT WHEN THE PRESIDENT HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE KILLING, IS DRIVING BY!



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