Wow what a tidal wave of apathy regarding this latest OIC revelation…everywhere I saw this posted, nobody cared! This giant turd didn’t have enough power to get my buttcheeks wet! Ralph, please tell us what version of the Altgens she is looking at…is it the blurry piece of crap all the the first generation researchers were looking at? Or the HSCA scan? Sure the blurry one may look a little like Oswald, but when cleaned up, it’s clear that it is Lovelady.
Or is she going on her memory of the shirt he was arrested in? Hey Ralph, why don’t you ask her what shirt he wore to work that day? I know what she had said, let’s see if the “Great Researcher” Ralph Cinque can find it…After you do that simple task, then we can talk…After about what a liar Marina Oswald is, and has no impact or influence whatsoever on your OIC…But I will say, she fits right in with all the other con artists and liars in the upper echelon of the OIC…GOOD LUCK! I’ll be looking forward to seeing your retraction! Oh and make sure you let Marina know about Judyth Baker joining the OIC…she’ll be so glad to hear that….and how she washed the shirt the woman who was boinking her husband gave him…keep digging that hole Ralph, you might just get it “casket sized” on your own….and boy is she looking good these days!







  1. Happy Guy Fawkes day Conspiracy Critic. Unfortunately some moron decided to post a tribute on his blogsite. The moron is also gloating about his Facebook page being reinstated.

  2. Never has so much been said by someone so little. Add up the posts everywhere. Even Dr. Cinque, PhD would be amazed. This Santa Barbara event should be quite a treat! Everyone can break off in little groups and read/discuss Ralph’s “bullet” points…… and arrows. Oh, and don’t forget the collages!

    • Next to his irrelevant photo demonstrations to support his theories. From flaunting it in front of the doorway of the 6th floor museum, to holding up luggage or water cooler bottles to prove the baby in Altgens is fake. Today stabbing a stack of magazines with a utility knife somehow supports his new 9/11 interest of “swarthy arabs” taking over the plane

      • Would you expect any less from the self proclaimed greatest researcher of all time…I like how Ralph thinks logic about the hijackers proves something…meanwhile in the fat cave Fetzer is preaching the No Plane theory…no planes = no hijackers…they love to be on separate pages!

  3. Everybody preceding this comment above are a bunch of mudder rucking Kennedy Killers and dumb plucks. I see Conspiracy Cretin, that your circle jerk posse have all resigned defeat. Backass, Duncan/bpete and Robin all realize that none of you can stop the OIC train. You failed miserably. On Friday in Santa Barbara I will be sealing my place in the upper echelons of JFK research. I will be accepting my crown as King of the new wave of researchers who aren’t gatkeepers of the official lie or fake CTs to keep myself in business like Jim DiEugenio.

    We have scientifically proven Lee was in the doorway. We got a whole group of Academics backing this. Oh and Ben Grover. Abe has joined the OIC unofficially as a silent member. That’s why he is not listed. He was set-up and sent to prison. I understand why he wants to remain anonymously associated . It’s because this is dangerous. We have shocked the earth to the foundations and shifted the poles.


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