We had all met up in the Midwest, so we could arrive onsite together. Like long lost friends, we had plenty to talk about and plenty to plan…we had had enough, and we were gonna do something about it. The plan was simple enough…In and out like a quick fuck….broadcast for the whole world to see. The flight didn’t take but about 4 hours, we had chartered a private jet for the journey….a one way flight. After ironing out the last few details, we arrived at the airport.


It felt like something out of a movie as we disembarked the planet and made our way down into the surreal beauty of Santa Monica. “How could something so evil be happening somewhere so beautiful?” Mike Blazer quipped. “That’s why we’re here Blaze” I said. “What a motley crew!”, I thought as we exited our jet and made our way to the blacked out Yukon Denali waiting on the tarmac for us….One by one, we tossed our gear in the back and piled in…


We were all able to be here….not a one of us would miss this for the world…Mike Blazer, the Brit Black Peter, Moe Hackes, Stan Slayton, Bobby Hunger, and myself.


It was to be a symbolic ending to a tumultuous year, but sadly this story won’t be finished by me…but I’m sure those with half a brain can see where this story was going and how it would gloriously end. But after much thought, I decided not to finish this story. I will admit to being caught up in the quest to right a wrong and help set the record straight. Don’t get it twisted, I still think the Oswald Innocence Campaign is the absolute worst disinformation assault ever to come out of JFK research in the last 50 years. And I lay that blame solely at the bunioned, smelly feet of Jim Fetzer. He is responsible for giving the chihuahua known as Ralph Cinque a platform and a megaphone. The diversion is over for me, I realized much too late the real purpose of the OIC…In this, the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, I have wasted so much time debunking the OIC claims, I let them derail me from my quest for truth. I’ve said it before, but this time it’s in stone…I am done with the OIC. Between myself and bpete, Joe Backes, and Robin Unger, we have put out enough evidence that proves the OIC wrong at every turn…and thanks to the Internet, will be around whenever someone Goggles the OIC in perpetuity. As Jim Marrs recently stated on Jim Fetzer’s show, “You’ll never be able to convince people using the blurry background of a photo…we have a mountain of other evidence that exonerated Oswald.” And you know what Fetzer’s response was? NOTHING…. SILENCE….Because there is none, and Fetzer knows it . The damage is done, your platforms are gone, your stupid conference the laughing stick of serious JFK researchers… As for the clown shoes known as Ralph Cinque, the self-proclaimed greatest researcher of all time…you’re nothing but an embarrassment to JFK research…The funny part is you don’t even realize it.
I hope all members, honorary members, junior members, silent members, and senior members of the OIC, see the above quote and realize what a gigantic piece of monkey shit you truly are Ralph…All hail the king!





23 thoughts on “JUSTICE FOR LOVELADY

      • I clicked on that link and an audience member tripped up Larry Rivera by asking why didn’t they just edit Oswald out of the photo. “We don’t know” is the best Larry could come up with. Suffice to say they don’t know much about anything. I recognised that yapping chihuahua Cinque trying to interject . Judy Faker to skype in next. Now I hear Hooke explain how modern technology has made them identify Oswald. Good grief!

        You have done an admirable job Clark Rob with bpete , Joseph and Robin. I know I couldn’t bother blogging about this sham. I was rather dismayed with this 50th anniversary. Living in Australia, I just listen to the spoonfed mainstream garbage from USA. They aired the lost bullet doco and another one where this Aussie retired cop said a hungover secret service agent shot Kennedy.

        Apart from a core enthusiasts, this event will fade away in importance and it suits the US government just fine

      • Ben,
        I noticed that as well…but the greatest thing I noticed is that the minute someone asked about chain of custody for the Altgens photo and it being published, Fatzer cut off the discussion !

  1. Moron Alert! King Ralph takes the stand. That raucous applause for Ralph Cinque is disturbing. Sounds like 10 people at maximum though

  2. Based on Fatzer’s past M.O., it is entirely possible that he was judging the crowd reactions to Ralph claiming everything was fake and Fatzer had em cut the feed so no one would hear Ralph get shredded in the Q & A.

      • I agree. Bpete is right on the money. I’m expecting their “suckers will pay per view” video footage to highly edited. Any of the same logical audience questions/observations we all have asked will probably have resulted in Ralph calling everyone dumb plucks. The disgruntled audience leaving the hotel needs to be replaced with a crowd full of William Jay Knowleses cheering and hailing Ralph as the grand poobah of JFK assassination research.

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