This has got to be my favorite photo of Marina Oswald, so strikingly demure and coiffed, exhibiting the beauty and resilience she is known for. But here, we are going to take a closer look at Marina Oswald, and see if she was just a bizarre victim of fate, or something more sinister…
Starting back at the beginning, she somehow managed to meet 3 U.S. defectors, have “relations” with 2 of them, and marry 1 and marry and leave the country with them. The one was Lee Harvey Oswald, the other a Robert Webster, who when asked about Marina, said she spoke good English, with a heavy accent and understood English.
Many of the defectors at the time bore a general resemblance to Oswald, and it was thought this was purposely done to confuse the Russians and make it harder to keep them all straight. There is also an allegation that Marina was raped at age 16 by an Afghan ambassador and that she was kicked out of Leningrad for suspicion of prostitution, or what’s known as a honey pot…With all her “high profile” targets and “relations”, it is thought she used to gain the benefits of pillow talk…tongues tend to loosen when the clothes come off and some alcohol imbibed. Marina supposedly graduated from pharmacology school at age 14, and with her parents out of the picture, and a KGB uncle that took her in following the Leningrad incident, who knows how she could have been used and trained by the KGB. And if you think I’m crazy, go watch the movie Hanna. CLICK HERE TO WATCH
It tells the story of a former CIA agent who manages to escape with an experimental 2 year old orphan and he trains her from a young age to be fluent in several languages, the art of deception, martial arts fighting techniques, how use various weapons, and how to kill….All before the age of 16. And to think the Russians and probably the CIA, weren’t exploring every avenue of spycraft, is crazy talk. They would have done anything to get an upperhand.
Marina claimed to not know English, just as Oswald had claimed not to know Russian while there…and what better way than to be able to understand what is being said around you when people think you don’t know their language? There is evidence of Marina sending letters in English, entering into business deals and contracts written in English, yet she needs an interpreter when interviewed by the police and Secret Service, and subsequently to the Warren Commission? So why the big charade?

In the aftermath of all that happened, within a month, Marina found solace at the home of a James Martin…she was romantically linked to him and entered into some kind of business deal with him acting as her agent…Marina came into quite a bit of money from pity donations from around the world…almost $700,000, which by today’s standards would be the equivalent to about 5 MILLION dollars…not including her book deal and movie rights…This “partnership” fell apart rather quickly, and Marina married Ken Porter about a year later. After the assassination, and after being in protective custody with Robert Oswald and mother in law Marguerite, she never spoke to or saw either one ever again…her children June and Rachel, would never know their Uncle, Grandmother, or any part of the Oswald family. After everything they did for her and Lee upon returning from Russia, she shut them completely out of her life.
June Oswald was born in Russia after Lee and Marina married so she is most likely to be Lee’s…Oswald suspected Marina of cheating on him, which fueled many of their fights. With all that Lee was engaged in with working a job, plus all he was doing with his pro Castro/anti Castro activities, he was hardly ever home…
So let’s examine their offspring, the best way is to do a side by side comparison of the daughters…
Looking at June, I can definitely see Oswald in her facial features, Rachel, who was born a month before the assassination, not so much. But that’s just me speculating….hell, it’s all me speculating….just food for thought, as everything may not be what it appears to be with this case…

— from the files of THE CONSPIRACY CRITIC


49 thoughts on “MARINA OSWALD … KGB AGENT?

  1. I’ve always wondered about her role in things. It’s just been recently that she has been more vocal about the events. She seems to have done a complete 180 on some things.

    • To many coincidences to meet Oswald…and then it was all about the money…she remarried a year and a half after Oswald was killed…to this day it sounds like she just got off the boat…After 50 years in America…seems like an act to me…

  2. the hottest track of JFk truth on soundcloud right now. i also want to go on the record that I’m not the pale Ryder

    • John “Bushwhacked” Wankey , whose work has been largely debunked years ago, is the latest addition to the OIC Senior Member list. I really loved his “debate” with Jim DiEugenio on Fetzer’s show (where DiEugenio wasn’t present and knew nothing about). It’s very much like David Von Pein’s written debates where he takes a written text and interjects it with his own points and titles them DVP vs… so and so

  3. Ralph Cinque has put his fantastic truth movement song on youtube. It’s already got over 300 views in the first hour! Anyone with half a brain can see the evidence is overwhemling. oswald was in the doorway and therefore innocent. A great dedication to an an All-american hero gunned down to cover up a big lie. STOP THE LIES,!!! OSWALD OUTSIDE (Edit) Link removed…you ain’t promoting that piece of monkey shit on this blog.

    • bowel movement sure. Ralph is flushing the turd shills like you down the toilet that are blocking JFK truth. I love this man for the tireless work he has done in the last couple of years despite all the vitriol and death threats he has received. Your lack of respect for one of the top new wave JFK researchers and undisputed Altgens 6 photo number ine world expert is appalling to say the least.

      • Death threats…sure…that stupid video is the biggest piece of propaganda since the Nazis…Himmler would be proud…Their studio in a fucking closet? It’s small and insignificant like Ralph Cinque…and there’s some truth for your movement.

    • Ralph Cinque is the biggest threat to the official lie. i’m sure he’s on the CIA hitlist and they have duscussed many times whether they should knock him off. problem is that they will turn him into a martyr and have a bigger problem covering it up when many angry OIC followers will push for the cause

    • I suggest to keep this link up instead if attempting to bury it. If it’s taken down again I will encourage Ralph to write a follow-up song targetting all the shills that attack him. (EDIT) Link removed…tell him to write that bitch then…

  4. Ralph should write/produce an “Ozzy” Christmas Carol/video for all of his followers, with dozens of little HGH bottles wrapped so nicely underneath the ‘Lee tree’, Carcano shells hanging on the branches, with a bright Red Star on the top, comrade. Merry Christmas, Judy.

    • let it be known publicly that Clark Rob is suppressing vital info from his readerrs. they should be enraged knowing he is a JFk gatekeeper

      • This is a fantastic video but then again Ralph Cinque is a fantastic JFK researcher. After watching this everyone should be convinced that Lee Harvey Oswald was in the doorway. This video will go viral for sure . Tony Longo is a gifted musician.I wonder Talph recruited such a talent.

      • I’m having trouble with this video that when I go back to see my comments they dont’ seem to be there anymore. Could the uploader not appreciate any criticism . Maybe I never made the comments in true Orwellian style , they were erased by Winston Smith. Ralph , I’m sure “he didn’t do it” because we know that he appreciates opposing views right guys??

      • Adolf Cinque runs a tight ship…look at his blog and Facebook site…no opinion other than matching his own shall be heard…really, what’s the point of writing a blog if you don’t allow discussion?

      • I stand by my latest comment as a valid criticism. This blues song sounds like Oswald on his back porch pining about a love lost not witnessing the president having his head blown off and being accused of committing the crime of the century. The only more pathetic thing I can think of is a rap version with Ralph breaking it down “Yo mudder ruckers”

      • It’s good to see this video is pulling massive hits. Too bad youtube is cooking he numbers. We know the views are probably closer to 4000 than 400 as being shown now. I feel honored Mr. Cinque mentioned me on his facebook and blog pages . You guys are off the mark with him. He is a truth seeker and I’m behind this man all the way! Ralph Cinque #hero

      • Then why is it only you and Ralph are allowed to comment on the video? Mine was deleted, but where is the other “4000” supporters? I guess all those fake I.p. addresses only “like” videos…probably costs a little more for fake comments…

      • I think we should sew them all together like the human centipede…Ralph, George, Willy, all of them…With Fetzer at the very back…he’s the only one big enough to hold everybody’s shit!

  5. Ralph still keeps saying Ozzie has a Lovelady toupee. But the guy on the right above is definitely Billy Nolan Lovelady. At first, I thought it was an accupuncture chart, but, to my surprise………

  6. News Flash (really, I’m just tattletaling)……. Captain Hooke is mad at Ralph for banishing a one Peter Stewart from his FB for saying that Jackie killed JFK!
    How can that be? Culto says he wasn’t killed! I’m so confused, bewildered…….. betrayed????

    • He outta be made they cut him from the line up in his home town after spending all that money blowing up his pictures and creating all his briefing boards…even after Judy didn’t show up…I’d be pissed too…

    • Dick is also doing too much blowing in his latest Lovelady headjob and is making Ralph angry. Or something like that. I had the urge to take a leaf out of the OIC and distort something too.

  7. This, apparently, is going to continue until some ‘big event ‘ shall occur. Please DO sue Ralph, Joe. 2014 is going to be your year. These guys are LIARS !!! Waiting patiently for October 2017. Have noticed that the pages of Mr. Phillips’ testimony are missing. Wish yours were, Ralph.

  8. Here are the alternate lyrics for Ralph’s ‘anthem’, to wit………… it’s called……….”He wasn’t Jewish”………….. ta-daaaaaaa!

    He wasn’t Jewish
    Fetzer was an Innocent man
    He wasn’t Jewish
    Fetzer was an Innocent man
    He was standin’ there
    Circum-sizin’ his ham

    Well I went to the synagogue lookin’ for a fight
    Only goyims there were me and Ralph ‘the Knife’
    Ran from the rabbis as fast as we could
    Got saved by a mullah whose name was Mahmood

    He wasn’t jewish…….. he really wasn’t.

      • I guess it’s a running theme. Multiple Loveladies, multiple Oswalds, multiple Marguerite Oswalds now, so there have to be multiple Ralph Cinques. Of course it’s a CIA psy-op right Ralph? I mean thay pay roll is getting pretty long now. Everyone here is getting a cheque to discredit your bs *pfft. Just like that horrible person that was posing as you girlfriend Linda which you ended up admitting was you. Did you wear a dress when you were pretending to be her? Maybe that was what really caused the rift. You kept stretching out her best frocks .

  9. That’s not a light switch, it’s the “¤” symbol on the rollaway keypad! Ralph, do us a favour and “videostream” yourself whilst typing your blog and
    various postings on your myriad outlets of insanity. You’re what makes the Roman populace go ‘thumbs down’ when Caesar asks if it shall live or die. Judah’s Lyin’.

  10. First time visiting your site. Holy…. Garrison’s top investigator Bill Boxley stated that Marina was going out with Kerry Thornley even while Oswald was alive. So did some sight tests and lo and behold the second Oswald daughter does bear a striking resemblance to Thornley. That you have posted the same allusion is confirmation………

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