Well Lee Harvey Oswald, wasn’t so lucky…Who, as we’ve seen, met his premature demise just two days after being charged with murdering Kennedy and J.D. Tippit. There are many theories, too numerous to list here, as to what actually happened on that fateful day…image

Thanks to work of Richard Popkin, Michael Eddowes, and John Armstrong, we have a mountain of evidence that a Lee Harvey Oswald was in different places at the same time…..John Armstrong even took it back to grammar school, where evidence of two different boys using the name, although one liked to be called Harvey. The implications of this being true are staggering…and leaves only a few options. 1) Lee Harvey Oswald had a twin at birth that Marguerite either gave up or was told died. 2) That Marguerite had another son with Robert Oswald that she gave up after Robert and before Lee. Or 3) They knew a lot more about cloning, long before they let on, or they used plastic surgery to alter the boys appearance as he got older. This would have been done for an exact or almost exactly double. This would have been done by intelligence, I’m guessing for use in the false defectors program. You have this loser dope but his highly intelligent, well trained, Russian fluent double is sent to Russia. Who better to send than an American that pretends not to speak or know Russian, yet understands and speaks it on a native level. evidence of this is in the many documents in the Warren Commission files on Lee Harvey Oswald’s school, work, and military files. Hell, even the FBI was aware of something going on while Oswald was supposed to be in Russia.
The use of lookalikes and doubles in spy craft is as old as the industry itself…The question is to what lengths did they go to with Oswald? Was their an exact double leading a parallel life? Living in the same cities…attending the same or sometimes different schools? Entering the Marines several months apart? Did one know of the other? Did Lee help set Harvey up? Were there two Marguerite Oswalds? Look at this photo…This is clearly two different women in two different cities at the same time….
The one on the right a distinctly different horizontal brow and eye shape, while on the left she has what I would call puppy dog eyes with a severe brow slope. The ears, the neck, the nose and cheekbones are also not a match. So just what exactly in the hell is going on here?
Robert Oswald certainly did Lee no favors when it came to his brother’s guilt or innocence. He resigned quickly to the fact his brother was the murderer of the President and served Lee up on a platter for the DPD and WC. He even lied about Lee watching reruns when he was home on leave of “I Led Three Lives” that hadn’t even aired yet. He even penned a book supposedly revealing all of Lee’s flaws and ideology and tried the answer the question of why Lee had done this.
Moving on to some of the lookalikes and possible doubles…These include Gordon Novel, William Seymour, Ruby’s guy Larry Crawford, Donald Wayne House, and gun runner Thomas Masen.
Now this is by no means all of them or definitely any of them, im just trying to illustrate how many there were…sure most of these guys wouldn’t hold up to a side by side comparison, but the basic features are the same…clean shaven, slender, short dark hair…adopt a couple Oswald mannerisms such as lip pursing and speaking slow and deliberately, and using his name…would surely ignite a spark of recognition they had come in cursory contact with before the assassination. We have to remember that Oswald was a virtual nobody beforehand…very non memorable….just a guy. “I think I saw him talking to Jack Ruby in his club”…”Oswald came in to test drive a car”…”Oswald was seen making a scene in a diner where Tippit was eating” Sure a skeptical person could say it’s just a coincidence, but people are unique creatures…lets play a little game….I’ll number some “average” guys I googled, and in the comments section, let me know yes or no if you know someone that looks like these random people…

5) Any of them look like this guy?
People are short…people are tall…people are fat….people are skinny…people have facial hair…people are clean shaven…people have long hair…people have short hair…people have no hair…people have blond hair…people have red hair…people have grey hair, people have brown hair…people are pale…people are tan..
What are the odds of all these people that resembled Oswald and having connections to the case? And all this is excluding the exact double or twin…
This last one, I think, shows the biggest contrast between the two…look at the eyes and face shape…they are noticeably different…Two Oswalds? I think so….





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  1. Ralph is very pleased you are starting to come around. Hopefully soon you will endorse him fully as countless high profile researchers are Im glad his video is getting high viewership. (EDIT) LINK REMOVED…

    • Ok Ralph…tell Ralph that I’m not “coming around” to the two Oswald theory…tell Ralph if he had been paying attention in the FB groups he would see I’ve supported it for a long time. Tell Ralph that he’s not reinventing the wheel here…The theory of two Oswalds has been around since Richard Popkin first posited it 40 years ago…John Armstrong has done the most convincing and comprehensive study to date, and I believe it to be solid research…give Ralph my best and stop posting that wretched link…

      • my name is George and I’m just a customer of Doctor Cinque’s health supplements, but I’m also a big fan of his crusade to bring Justice to JFK and LHO

      • Ha Ha. George broke the cardinal rule of snake oil salesmanship. The ringer isn’t supposed to reveal association with the salesman. Although Ralph has been caught manipulating the likes , which have been stagnant for the last 4 days, I wonder how many of the views are from people typing in common words of “didn’t do it”. It’d sure save him a bit from buying the views

  2. Even Richard is getting wise to Ralph now

    I know something/somebody else that is a complete fraud… Anyone??

  3. Indeed, comrade. The blogs are there again in their full glory, must’ve been a glitch. What IS a glitch, anyway??? Hope you write on other happenings re: this planet. It’s getting bad, but many many pockets of peace, too! And sustained peace, I might add! Bravo, hyuminz!

    • Yes Mark. I remember the incident. All of google services went down for like 20 minutes , gmail, blogspot, G+ and youtube commenting

  4. the ship is sinking and all you Kennedy Killer rats are drowning and facing imminent death. You tried to rub me out last year but failed miserably. I am the undisputed King of new wave JFK research. I have destroyed JFK officialdom!!

    • You haven’t done Jack Shit Ralph…you are even more irrelevant now than before….have fun in obscurity while Fetzer is Sandy Hooking it up and you’re stuck in a 50 year old hole… (and no I’m not referring to your lady friend) Peace out bitch!

  5. Excuse me? I held a very successful conference in Santa Barbara last year and was applauded heavily. I RECEIVED high praise from the leading professor in logic, James Fetzer. I wrote a popular anthem that has gone viral on Youtube and that has twice as many likes as thumbs down. thumbs down is from a bunch of ops who tried to suppress view counts. It’s not even debatable anymore. It’s universal fact that Oswald was in the doorway. You are an anachronism conspiracy cretin. You support the Warren Commission lie and bull shit to your readers . It’s not looking bueno for you to attack Ralph Cinque, leader of the most important and prestigious Jfk research organization.

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