Like a small storm, as quickly as the newest Sandy Hook warrior rode in on his white horse, there are some major red flags being thrown up to those in the legitimate research community…Wolfgang Halbig showed up on the scene with an impressive set of credentials ranging from national school safety coordinator to former administrator and teacher, to former Florida State trooper, demanding answers for 16 questions pertaining to Sandy Hook. Many of these questions have been asked before…see Jim Fetzer’s eerily similar 10 questions HERE, then check out Halbig’s article he wrote on Veteran’s Today. Most in the community were excited to see someone with this guy’s credentials start asking questions and demanding answers from those folks in Connecticut…Some however were wary of his intentions and his seeming overnite “stardom”. YouTubers “Scotty Walker” and Kevin Purfield are sitting in jail for calling people and asking questions…for the most in depth examination of Wolfgang, please check out Brendan Hunt’s video…this is from someone who actually had the balls to go to Newtown…twice!

I would recommend supporting him, as he is actually doing what i call real guerilla journalism and taking his time to write and produce his own news show…he’s been to the belly of the beast and lived to tell about it, he’s interviewed or attempted to talk to some of the key players in this saga. There have been a ton of folks analyzing and criticizing the Sandy Hook Hoax since it happened almost a year and a half ago. Why does this guy get all the attention? Why the spotlight on Wolfgang? Why the fuck is he so special? Is he who he says he is? The first red flag is when someone puts that little DONATE button on your site and start begging for money…that’s why we criticize a lot the “parents”, and it turns out that Halbig has a history of this, which is another red flag….
As you can gleen from this post, a former educator and Principal, sure has a lot of grammatical errors which is another red flag…and what the hell is a technology defender? And how exactly does it prevent suicide? “probably pay it back once the company is up and running”…sure you will Wolfie!
Now, here’s where things start to get interesting, in an effort to vet Wolfgang’s intentions and his integrity, a Facebook group Sandy Hook Hoax, uncovered some interesting tidbits…In attempting to converse with Wolfgang, it came out that a man from Connecticut named David Weiss was acting as the administrator for Wolfgang Halbig’s personal Facebook page…that is in charge of postings, comments, friending, and messaging on Wolfgang’s behalf. David Weiss and his buddy Tim Rothschild, do an Internet radio show called….Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole ~~~~~》
Also check out Jon Locke’s excellent video covering the allegations…

Jim Fetzer had him on his show at the recommendation of he said, James Tracey on Jan. 24 HERE …Fetzer then engaged in a debate on Sandy Hoook on American Free Press radio with two hosts, one being Michael Collins Piper LISTEN HERE ,the other being Keith Johnson HERE …The moderator Dan Gahary, then had Halbig on and interviewed him which really exploded his exposure…here (second hour) HERE This whole thing is turning into a convoluted mess of shills and disinformation…Recently, “Halbig” shifted discussion of all things Sandy Hook to a new page called The Sandy Hook Justice Puzzle, and this page is run by a different guy named Thomas Lapp…who is…shocker…A marketing guy…
What the hell is a “Justice Puzzle”? I can think of a hundred better things to call your efforts than that…Just today, as I write this, Halbig has been on Alex Jones’ show and former Coast 2 Coast A.M. host, John B. Wells program, Caravan to Midnight…combined in one day, that’s kind of a big deal…big exposure…big marketing! Which equals more donations and more money coming in for Wolf…who is going to have to put up or shut up very soon. People will start demanding he do more than talk…people will demand the action he has promised…hell, we don’t even know if this guy exists! Has anybody seen him in person or talking on video about any of this? Are these “D.J.’s” impersonating him? The only thing supposedly done to date is FOIA requests that were denied…and we haven’t seen proof of that…and here is another red flag…recently Halbig spoke of losing his job…from a company he supposedly helped create…and shocker…try to visit the website from the link in this article from the DAILY PAUL and you’ll see it doesn’t exist!
A word of advice to Halbig and his “guys”…Instead of pissing off and ignoring the real researchers who have been on this since day one, you should have created a bond…gathered together the greatest thinktank and aligned yourself with the real truthseekers…There is strength in numbers, and if you continue to “Lone Wolf” it, you will see the error of your ways…
The wolves have now been turned loose on you Wolfgang Halbig….I would strongly suggest you take the time to answer our questions, be clear about your intentions, and stop asking for money…”The truth is free to those who seek it”
JOIN THE FIGHT and stay up with the latest HOAX AT SANDY HOOK BLOG
UPDATE…THIS JUST IN… It appears that Sofia Smallstorm and James Tracey have withdrawn their support from Halbig as well…more to come…


44 thoughts on “HAL-BIG IS WOLF’S GANG?

  1. The attacks towards Halbig started BEFORE the donation button was added. He has been “on the scene” of this event from early on….just not in social media. Please don’t claim he came out of nowhere.

    • Kindly point me toward proof of this…because I’m very involved in Sandy Hook truth and had never heard him or of him until January 24 when he was on Fetzers show…and neither had anyone else I know….

  2. actually, I’ve been here since day one and I’ve never heard of you…..as far as Halbig….he filed FOIA requests in Early, 2013. After he got stonewalled, he contacted Dr. James Tracy in March, 2013. The only people who don’t like Halbig are the youngsters in social media. Don’t assume you know everything in the Sandy Hook camp….it is a much bigger story than you are aware.

    • You can go back just on this blog and see what I’ve been looking at concerning Sandy Hook, and considering my name rarely appears on this blog, unless you are in any Sandy Hook research groups on social media you wouldn’t know who I am. Where is the proof he was stonewalled on FOIA requests? Because he said so? Gotta do better than that…and you look just a little past 2013, you’ll see Halbig frequently has his hand out for donations. All I’m saying is that his “handlers” have been isolating him real Sandy Hook researchers for months and instead of going it alone with his hand out, he could have aligned himself with well known researchers and became a part of the community. There are plenty of doctors and Lawyers and citizens in Connecticut that want this investigated further and are not happy with what we’ve been given. James Tracy and Sonia Smallstorm have both withdrawn their support from this guy because it’s a lot of hot air so far…Instead of using his funds to get a lawyer he could’ve bought a plane ticket to Connecticut and spearheaded a group to meet up there and demand answers…

      • I find it odd that his name is Wolf – gang and you can find on the net a pic of Noah Pozner wearing a shirt that has a picture on it of a Wolf and says leader of the pack and then we see Noahs picture turn up in Pakistan…

  3. I see your question regarding what is a “justice puzzle”….He has stated in each of his interviews beginning with the one from the American Free Press, that when you investigate a crime, it is much like solving a puzzle. Everything has to fit, and then you can solve it. Sandy Hook is strange in the fact that none of the pieces fit, nothing ties together and nothing from the media or law enforcement make sense. He clearly states that this puzzle doesn’t work. He says we need to help expose this crime and solve the puzzle of Sandy Hook. He repeats this several times, that is why he named the page this those words.

      • I find it odd that his name is Wolf – gang and you can find on the net a pic of Noah Pozner wearing a shirt that has a picture on it of a Wolf and says leader of the pack and then we see Noahs picture turn up in Pakistan… I think the pieces of the “Justice Puzzle” will begin to fit once we start paying attention to the clues…

  4. I see that you are questioning a facebook screen-shot of Halbig asking for money and donations, clearly to help start up a new company. Asking for investors, essentially. I’m not sure how that ties into raising funds as an activist.

    • Because you don’t do business on Facebook…you show up with a presentation and convince investors to back you…A poorly written nonsensical post with an “I might pay you back” cmon dude get real!

      • “might pay you back” would simply imply that as an investor, you become part owner with equity in the newly formed company. If you are not interested is becoming a part-owner, once the company is up and running, he’ll return your portion. Business Class 101 will tell you this. Don’t spin it like other who are pushing this (i.e. Brendan Hunt, Kyle Sainz, Tony Mead, Erik Pearson)…This link is ALL OVER those guy’s pages and it makes them look like morons.

      • No it doesn’t. ..look around…The only moron disagreeing with me, us, them, is you…The answers are out there you just have to find them…now unless you wanna put up some proof of anything that Halbig has done I.e. copies of his rejected FOIA requests, audio of him calling anyone in Newtown…I.e. port-a-potties or law enforcement…proof of him doing anything except flapping his gums post links here or you can troll your way on down the road…

      • You come here insulting me and my work…you get what you get friend. Like I said…where is the proof of anything Halbig has done thus far? I could sit here and make up some really believable stories about people I’ve called and things I’ve done…but without proof, it’s all bullshit.

  5. I see your quote: “Why does this guy get all the attention? Why the spotlight on Wolfgang?”
    I also, don’t know how he got the spotlight. The groundswell of attention on him, definitely came AFTER the American Free Press interview. That is what got him noticed on a social media level, because that interview almost went viral. I’m not sure who was behind pushing that so heavy, but after that is seemed he had an easy time getting on Alex Jones, Coast to Coast and Peter Santilli, and Popeye.
    The hate towards Halbig, for sure came after the Alex Jones interview. The Alex Jones group loved Halbig for doing it, and the anti-Alex Jones crowd, who supported Halbig earlier, now hated him for it.
    I think there is jealously from within the movement because this new cat is on the scene and in the “spotlight” and the focus is now shifted off of the original investigators of Sandy Hook. The vast majority of Sandy Hookers want the truth exposed regardless of who does it….but there is a small contingent, such as yourself, that is hell-bent on ruining Halbig’s name for some reason. That is what really concerns me. If you don’t like him, don’t follow him or don’t donate to him…it isn’t that difficult. Keep in mind that Halbig has done nothing wrong.

    • Here’s the problem…I’m not hell bent on ruining Halbigs name…There is nothing I’d like to see more than him in Newtown calling those involved to carpet and demanding the truth. The problem is that many of his questions can be answered and has clearly been aided by known shill Jim Fetzer in putting his questions together. Also, having some nobody’s FROM CONNECTICUT run his profile and page and pretend to be him is sketchy…He has agreed to speak to Tony from Sandy Hook Hoax at 1 pm today…I’ll update as needed.

      • The other reason people have begun to hate Halbig is the association with Fetzer…once he did that, it was another nail in the coffin. I agree with Fetzer on some things and don’t agree on others. I don’t think Fetzer added/subtracted anything on the Sandy Hook case, so I feel Fetzer’s involvement is a moot point. But many, assuming you also, feel that once he communicated with Fetzer, he was immediately a bad guy, and if that didn’t do it, when he spoke with AJ, then he for sure was the bad guy and needed to outed. Fetzer and Jones are both good and bad…..those thinking they are both 100% bad are the true sheep.

      • I get that…I give 2 shits about Alex Jones, but I am also involved in researching JFK and 9/11 and can tell you Jim Fetzer is the touch of death…He plucks them, pumps them up, then hangs them out to dry…see Judy Woods, Judyth Baker, Steven Jones, Ralph Cinque, Hailey Otis, Sofia Smallstorm….I could go on but you get the point…All they have to do is point at Fetzer and say “See, those truths are clearly insane” Fox News needs a kooky professor that sounds like a fast talking batshit crazy robot…Call Jim Fetzer!

  6. Here is the most “telling” segment of your article:
    “A word of advice to Halbig and his “guys”…Instead of pissing off and ignoring the real researchers who have been on this since day one, you should have created a bond…gathered together the greatest thinktank and aligned yourself with the real truthseekers…There is strength in numbers, and if you continue to “Lone Wolf” it, you will see the error of your ways…”
    Here you state your anger….how dare someone come in to the movement without asking our permission. And because of this “wrong move’….Hablig “will pay for it”…..what?
    You’ll need to re-read is to fully understand how foolish you sound. You are using “Intellectual snobbery” to run the old man out of town. What gives? Why not open your arms and welcome him into the group? Halbig, myself and many others don’t have a clue who you are aren’t aware not to “overstep” our bounds with a big-time player like yourself. The ego thing is what comes out in the words or your above text. The comical thing is your threat to “stay away” sounds like you and your team want to fight Halbig and his “gang” after school out by the bicycle racks….LOL

    • It’s not a threat…it’s advice. He goes up there alone, he will likely have his ass thrown in jail. There IS strength in numbers…why wouldn’t he reach out to somebody like Brendan Hunt who has been there twice and has contacts on the ground? Why wouldn’t he reach out to the SHH page who has actually had numerous contacts from people there, some parents from there, hell even Donna Soto showed up and agreed to answer questions.

      • I don’t remember Scott DeLarm receiving this much negative scrutiny went he went up there with his friend. They took pictures and visited with the locals. They had interviews with people from the Newtown Bee and the Newtown Police Department. They didn’t get consent from anyone that I know of. Why is this different? All Hunt has done was get footage from a video camera around the outside the building and title his video “exclusive footage inside of SHES!!!”…..which was more-than-a-little misleading. I follow the Sandy Hook Hoax page on facebook along with many others. SHH page certainly isn’t the leading edge on what’s happening, but it provides some info for entry-level investigators.

      • Brendan did more than circle the school, he talked to the locals, called Roy Low, knocked on Gene Rosens door…and more he hasnt made public.. Dan, where is your work at? What have you done? “This is bigger than you know” sounds like you know something, so enlighten us…what’s your theory?

      • okay here’s a scenario….what if Halbig DOES get thrown in jail? What do you or I care? We don’t. I won’t lose sleep. What is Halbig is shot down and killed for his efforts. I won’t lose sleep. In fact, I’m surprised he’s still above ground. In either one of those scenarios, the truth movement will need another person to step up with the balls to do something about it. People assume that if Halbig fails, it ruins the entire Sandy Hook Truth movement. Why would people assume this? My issue is this….after this debacle of running Halbig out of town, WHO will be the next to do so?….the answer is probably no one after watching this shit take place. Who will want to step forward knowing they’ll get crucified if they don’t have the right background or the right grammar or the right spelling. Then all we are left with the internet keyboard jockey’s preaching the truth and not doing anything constructive other than making youtube videos about their results.

      • And just what if that’s the point? The government has a big problem on their hands, and sooner or later somethings going to give…they aren’t stupid, they see everything people are questioning about Sandy Hook…what better way to stop or disrupt it than from the inside out…people see what happens to Halbig for questioning things…that will turn many away.

  7. Just found this blog, and it is awesome! Superb article.
    Brendan Hunt does not mention my channel by name in his TERRIFIC feature length dismantling of Wolfbad, or in the “About” section, so I hope I am permitted to post a link to the video I made on Wolfbag:

    Peep the date. I was the first one to make a video on Wolfturd and I took A LOT of heat for it. I am looking forward to catching up with all the past articles, and perhaps contributing to the comment sections going forward.
    I am gonna be coming out with some on-the-ground videos in Connecticut in the next few weeks, so please bookmark my channel.
    Keep the faith!
    -The Dreamer

  8. Reason I always liked and defended Wolfgang was simply he demanded answers to the various questions, and this exposed, evermore, the bureaucrats and others there at Sandy Hook, Newtown, etc.–they are duty-bound to releasing and giving-out all the relevant info–why do they not do their duty?
    No one has to give money if they don’t want–I ain’t got any in first place to be giving, ho hoho. Regardless, it would surely seem the Sandy Hook hoax is really quite exposed–there was no one killed, no bodies, no blood, no pictures or video to prove, and ZOG refuses to give any further info–what more do u want for proof of fraud? Subsequent Bost. bombing was quite as much phony, if not more, they murdering the one Tsarnaev patsy, his friend, Todashev, and THEN they killed the FBI agents who were involved w. Todashev.
    Meantime ZOG is using IRS to harass patriots, T-party, et al., they’re stone-walling on Benghazi, Fast-and-Furious, etc., now ObamaCare is destroying health-care; they did the poison-gas attacks in Syria trying to blame Assad (this is amazing); now they’re trying to start war in Ukraine after hiring the snipers to murder police and protesters–it’s all of a piece, ZOG taking over the world, exterminating the people, etc. Wolfgang’s efforts are just icing on cake for exposing ZOG, I’d say.

    • All good points Apollonian, I just wish there was some concerned taxpayer that actually lived in Newtown that felt strongly enough to request these various things…the problem is if they tell Wolfgang to go F himself, what can he do? Fight it in court? That would cost way too much…the key to cracking this thing is not politely knocking on the front door, we need boots on the ground in Newtown to try to get people to talk and tell what they know. Where is the interview with Ryan Lanza’s neighbors or coworkers? Peter’s? Where is Ryan Lanza’s I.d. card Adam supposedly had in his pocket when he was wrongly misidentified? It’s not in the evidence or reports…

  9. Halbig has made “truthers” look like the fools that they are. In a You Tube telephone interview he explains why he didn’t have the spine to meet Lenny Pozner by suggesting that Pozner would get sympathy because he “lost a son” (Halbig’s words). He then said he didn’t believe children died!

  10. For those interested in a compendium of the lies that were perpetrated by the Main Stream Media beginning with Wolf Blitzer on the night of December 14, 2012 and ending with the President’s official response “less than a hundred days” after the event that occurred at (a) Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12-14-12, you are invited to review the micromentary “Sandy Hook Memorial” on Youtube.

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