” I hope the citizens of Newtown don’t have this crash on their heads later…” – Wayne Carver (Chief Medical Examiner)
I have been waiting to do this particular post, hoping that something would shake loose or change my feelings on the topic…and personally, I like both parties involved, they both have been nothing but helpful to me, their respective work has been nothing but helpful to me, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for each and consider both friends…as much as one can be in the cyber world. But I’ve been around for a long while too…I have studied the case backwards and forwards, inside and out…and I have my own objective thoughts and feelings on the case. And I’m not saying anyone is wrong or right about what occurred at Sandy Hook because the truth is, we don’t know the truth because they don’t want us to know the truth. There are literally hundreds of theories…from nobody died and it was the greatest hoax perpetrated against mankind to the official story and everything in between. I myself have flip flopped my position at least ten times since it happened as to whether or not any kids died or if they were real kids or Photoshop creations etc. etc.  So where does that leave us? Finding the truth is a double edged sword…we could stay in our cyber bubble and speculate and accuse to the end of time, or somebody needs to get boots on the ground and start putting the proverbial screws to some of the players in this saga.
   Enter the Wolf…
Wolfgang Halbig. A man with the supposed credentials to be able to demand answers to some of the questions we’ve all been asking. The problem is he has been Fetzerized. Before Halbig came along with his 16 questions, we had Jim Fetzer and his 10 questions. Who is responsible for putting Halbig on the air first? Jim Fetzer. While Fetzer can sound convincing in his arguments, he is merely regurgitating and consolidating other peoples work…right or wrong. I can guarantee Jim Fetzer has never read the final report in its entirety himself…if he had he would discover that many of his questions have been answered, yet neither his or Wolfgang’s list never get revised. Which in itself is irresponsible, not to mention it makes them look like idiots and amateurs who if they really wanted to be taken seriously, would be going about this in a different way. Why the hell would Halbig announce months in advance that he was going to show up at Newtown school board meeting? This gives them time to prepare for him, or simply find a reason to toss his ass in jail as soon as he comes through the door. A better plan would have been to stay under the radar and show up unannounced and catch them off guard. Sure he has gotten some good exposure to the cause by getting on damn near every alternative media outlet. But his credentials don’t seem to hold up…claims to have gotten fired from his own company for his beleifs…company website is now mysteriously down on which 2 of his 4 “references” were dead, and had been for a couple years”…claims to have been an expert witness at Columbine…can’t find mention of him anywhere connected to it…then Sandy Hook Hoax posted a link to a mid 90’s newspaper article that mentioned him as being the Principal of Excel High School…the article claimed it was a school for “problem children” yet I can find no record of such a school in Florida…in fact the only Excel High School you will find now in Florida…is maybe an office for an online High School curriculum degree program…SCHOOL WEBSITE HERE


So how can someone can be the Principal of an online school? And remember, he hasn’t actually done a damn thing yet except raise money, which as I pointed out in the last post, he has done in the past. His very presence in what was a tight knit community of amateur researchers has created a giant rift in the community…those who like Sandy Hook Hoax, who is easily the biggest and most visible presence on Facebook, YouTube, and the blogosphere, have given Wolfgang the seal of approval. And where the hell did David Weiss and “Jackie Trutown” come from? I hadn’t seen hide nor hair of these people in any Sandy Hook groups, now all of a sudden Jackie is Wolfgang’s private pretty little researcher…. Something don’t feel right…but it could just be me…
On the other hand, noted researchers and guerilla journalists like Brendan Hunt, are very suspicious and untrusting of Wolfgang himself and his intentions…so much so, it has taken the form of a very public pissing match that I have tried to avoid getting in the middle of. I tend to lean towards where the facts take me…the fact that this guy has Jim Fetzer’s fingerprints all over him is a huge red flag…the fact that he is going on every show known to man asking for donations is another (and has a history of doing so)…the fact that many of their questions have been answered or are just plain asinine is another…the fact that this guys credentials are suspect at best…it all adds up to me to a recipe for disaster to get behind this man before he has done anything that he said he is going to do. I mean what does he really think he will accomplish? Its going to be a huge letdown if Wolf shows up in Newtown and nothing comes of it…there is going to be a lot of dissapointed people who have given this man their hard earned money. Either way, whichever side you take a hardline stance on, one of them is going to be wrong…really wrong…i’m going to take the wait and see approach…we will know soon enough…i believe sometime in early May is when they are planning on going. If the shit hits the fan, The Wolf will have to become the sacrificial lamb…its BOOM or BUST! TIME TO SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT! PUT YOUR NUTS ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK…however you wanna say it…kind of prophetic, what the nonsensical graffiti found scrawled under a bridge in Newtown back then…it has meaning now


6 thoughts on “DIVIDED WE FALL…

  1. So who are you? And what are you doing besides sitting back and criticizing those who have the courage to actually do something.. I smell professional jealousy. The hallmark of the second-rater is resentment of another man’s achievements. You touchy mediocrities sit trembling lest someone’s work proves greater than your own. “Who is this upstart Halbig and why is he getting all the press.” Maybe you should try helping him.

    • Im doing my part and have been for almost a year and a half concerning Sandy Hook….so when Johnny come lately shows up with a questionable background and his hand stuck out, I’m saying “Hold on a goddamn minute”…do something other than run your mouth before I get behind anybody…Talk is cheap…What exactly do you really believe THEY are going to let Halbig get away with? Do you think the government and state of CT are gonna run scared or give this guy everything he is asking for? Who ordered the Porta Potties? Who gives a fuck? What does that tell you? Does it prove these Sandy Hook no tears all happy, parents are full of shit? Does it prove kids did or didnt die? Does it prove Adam Lanza even existed? No it doesnt…you wanna give the dude your money and possibly be really dissappointed go right ahead…I’ll be here watching, and when it happens, come on back and I’ll tell you I told you so… He is not the first fraud Jim Fetzer has unleashed on the world, so excuse me if im going to reserve my approval until something MEANINGFUL actually happens.

      • Ah Mr. 7, It seems you are ruffling a few feathers. Does Fetzer comment on any of your Sandyhook stories or does he just troll the JFK ones to protect Ralphy boy? Ralphy thinks he has uncovered my identity as Mark O’Blazney . Him and this Dr. Stadler seem to have problems with people posting under handles or an assumed name. I haven’t heard anyone other than you or Halbig (on John B. Wells’ show) talk about SandyHook. I haven’t listened to Fetzer’s take on it but If he does another show on that clown in oversized shoes trying to murder him, I might, for another laugh

      • Like Fetzer, he can be convincing with his “steamrolling” style of authoritatively speaking…the problem is there are many theories on Sandy Hook, and its touchy because kids may have died. Many of Halbig and Fetzer’s questions have been answered…but neither seems willing to dive into a thousand page data dump, and neither smart enough to comprehend what they would find!

  2. Mr. 7,
    You seem like a nice enough guy and I’d like to believe you at face value. Your message seems to be, “Go back to sleep. Nothing to see here. ” Convince me otherwise, but something doesn’t seem right to me in your stance on this issue. Assuming you’re totally right about Halbig, what’s the worst that could happen? Nothing that I can think of. However, if he should somehow hit a home run in Connecticut, the support we have provided will have been a small price to pay. You seem to have a good grasp of technical issues, details, facts and presentation, not to mention command of the English language. Halbig has the passion and fortitude to take action and some level of popular support. What a team you two could make if you joined forces. I think you should contact him, volunteer to accompany him, help him with his FOI requests and come in for the big win. Hell, I’d even volunteer to help out with your expenses.
    Ellis Wyatt

    • Thank you Ellis, but if you believe my message is “Go back to sleep”, then I have failed miserably….Look, having studied the Kennedy assassination for 25 years I can tell you some things….thinks aren’t always what they appear to be and if THEY don’t want to know something, you’re not gonna know…he can file FOIA requests til the cows come home…if they are not forthcoming with a document, that means it doesn’t exist or you ain’t getting it. Then there are big long drawn out court cases after court cases which will suck Halbig’s modest 20 grand dry in s couple days…so which lawyer is gonna work for free for countless hours possibly for years? Jefferson Morley has been suing the CIA for years over FOIA requests over the Joannides files…my point is this, it doesnt cost anything to wait and see what Halbig actually does. So before you or anybody else sends this guy with a questionable background your hard earned money, he needs to pass the sniff test…he hasn’t in my eyes. And secondly, what do think he is actually going to do? You think these people are going to cower in fear when Halbig shows up and start handing over everything he wants? To people that seek the truth, its been 50 years since JFK was assassinated, we can pretty much prove it was a coup d’etat and that he wasn’t killed by Lee Oswald. Its been almost 13 years since the fairytale 9/11 happened, anyone with half an analytical brain can see it was an orchestrated false flag event. Just a year removed from watching a man survive for 20 minutes after having both legs blown off and his femoral artery severed…its all bullshit and for those willing to seek the truth, it’s there….but what does it matter now? Its all too little too late….

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