Jim Fetzer is at it again…he has been doing a “JFK” show with New Orleans DJ Gary King. The show is overproduced with sound levels all over the place. Since it’s inception, it has been in their words, “peer reviewing” Len Osanic and Black Op Radio’s 50 Reasons for 50 Years. Watch here
Where a myriad of specialist researchers address an area of the assassination they have focused on. On just about every one Fetzer likes it unless its done by someone like Robert Groden or Jim DiEugenio…someone who has very publicly said the Oswald in the Doorway theory is horseshit and a waste of time…but Fetzer always says “But there is so much more they could have added”. I guess Fetzer didn’t get the memo about these being SHORT multimedia presentations that could be quickly viewed and visually appealing. These days, the people that need educated on these topics do not have long attention spans. Len did not do this for seasoned researchers…we know all this stuff already…these were designed to be quick, informative jabs at the Warren Commission findings, not for some old fools bloviating for hours on end about stuff people that aren’t familiar with the case know nothing about! Also, STOP THE PRESSES!, Fetzer is now claiming the limo stopped for almost 14 seconds…he loves coming up with things that witness testimony does not support. I mean seriously, out of all the people in Dealey Plaza that day, who has ever said the limo came to complete stop for that long? That’s just ludicrous to suggest such a thing…he is just mad because no real researchers will back him on his stupid Oswald in the Doorway farce…also because Len wouldn’t have him on to talk about it anymore. In the 21st century we have a new word for that…it’s called BUTTHURT.
Also please fill out this form and email it back as soon as possible…
I also got a gratuitous mention from Fetzer on episode 7 LISTEN HERE …where have I been Jim? He showed up on a post from last year the other day…see the comments section on this post… HERE He also called forth the other OIC trolls to attack this very blog…
See Jimmy boy… this email represents the tactics used by the OIC to attack and refute anyone that has good evidence that refutes their claims…even Richard Hooke is waking up to the fact that Ralph Cinque is a piece of shit…
I’ve been proving the OIC wrong for over a year now…probably 20 posts showing proof… testimony …evidence… all of which the OIC has none of…these are the kind of “evidence” they show as proof it was Oswald in the Doorway. It is clearly Billy Lovelady…there are no, none, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA indications of any alteration of this photo…
Unlike the backyard photos where there IS obvious signs…
The chin obviously…but also along the temple area running to the top of the head, which I never hear anyone talk about. None of these “signs”, distortions, or earmarks of alteration are present in the Altgens 6…no matter what the OIC tells you, let your own eyes be the judge…people lose sight of just how small an area they assert contained all these “alterations” because they only show you modern day blow up of the area in question…
Back then there were no computers, no photoshop…this is how they examined such pictures…
actually Ralph Cinque still uses it when he goes to the bathroom…


12 thoughts on “THE CO-OP BLACK OP PSY-OP

  1. I happened to stumble across your site by accident and while there are some interesting articles I must state my displeasure at your attacks on Professor Fetzer, a leading academic and expert on the field of logic and various conspiracies. I see that he comments here so I will allow Professor Fetzer to defend himself.
    I take even more issue with another JFK researcher by the name of Dr. Ralph Cinque. Reading his biography, I see that he was a chiropractor and health spa operator. Transferring these skills to JFK assassination research, he has transformed the debate in favor of the conspiracy theorists. I think you are totally wrong about his character. To me , he seems a lovely man that has worked tirelessly for the last two years in being a truther for JFK
    He has swayed public opinion. Look at this link. Before Ralph came along, it was unthinkable that others would advocate for Oswald being in the doorway. Truth is rising and it’s unstoppable
    I encourage you to re-evaluate your position on Ralph Cinque. You might not agree 100% on his findings but as a Conspiracy advocate your criticism should only be directed at people like Joseph Backes who is a CIA operative receiving monthly payments to discredit honest JFK research.Maybe you should watch this video that explains Oswald in the doorway better with great music from a group called the Pacific Coast Blues .

    • Ok “Harvey” (cough*Ralph*cough), whatever you say buddy! What…do you miss me picking on you? You might be like the 10th guy to investigate “Oswald in the Doorway”, and like the long line behind you, absolutely no one has been able to prove shit, including you. Even the great Jack White found no evidence of alteration and he was an expert photo analyst…to prove it was Oswald, you need expert analysis to prove alteration…not some amateur hack that draws on pictures and makes clusterfuck abominations that you call evidence…until then no one will take you seriously, and that will never happen anyway….

      • I will take that as a compliment to be confused with Ralph Cinque. He is a great man and we are lucky to have him fighting for JFK truth. I don’t understand how you begrudge this man in his crusade against JFK officialdom. You oppose the Warren Report like he does. Why are you fighting him? Do you think Ralph should be exposed to those obscene images you depict him in?
        I encourage your readers not to be blinded by your misdirected hatred. Here are 3 essential podcasts that everyone interested in JFK truth should listen to. You won’t hear this on Black Op Radio and that is a crying shame.
        People should also look at the original video series. It’a real gem.
        Ralph has brought a set of fresh eyes to the JFK case and has advanced JFK debate more than any other modern researcher such as Jim DiEugenio , Vince Palamara and Roger Stone. They aren’t fit to wipe his boots in all honesty.
        Harvey Fatol

      • Im fighting you Ralph because you are wrong…you are a distraction to real research, and you make us look bad. I approved this comment just so people can see just how delusional you really are.

      • Harvey makes some great points here. As a woman , I’m appalled by your misogynistic and homophobic images lampooning the researchers Ralph CInque and James Fetzer. I’d invite you to delete all these offensive images and accompanying articles regarding Ralph. I have many friends in the ACLU National Women’s Liberation who won’t stand for this.

      • This isn’t Ralph Cinque. It’s just a seeker of truth.Go to this page and you will see who is the one deflecting debate and causing trouble. I am sure you can work out who is a government OP . That is the enemy. That is who you should be targeting.
        You are at the crossroads now Conspiracy Critic 7. Ask yourself. Are you going to stand behind Ralph Cinque, the beacon of truth in the op infested JFK research community? Or are you going to side with the dark side who push the Warren Report and Oswald as a lone nut. You disagreeing with Ralph Cinque is akin to saying “I’m glad JFK was shot. I wish I could have been pulling the trigger myself . Everyone should believe the Warren report” .
        Guy Fawkes would be an advocate for the OIC and if you truly like his principles you will side with him and us. Stand behind Ralph Cinque and the truth will set you free. He will be a big enough man to forget all the horrible pics you made of him

      • Sorry Ralph, but I believe I’ve been blocked or banned from that group so I cant see what you are talking about….maybe this guy would respect Ralph a little more, well at all, if he just branched out a little bit and did a little original research instead of rehashing old crap or boomerang John Armstrong’s work…

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