I am excited to announce the kickoff of my new podcast! JFK oriented, short 30 minute looks at different aspects of the case….EPISODE 1 is now available CLICK HERE Please, if you enjoy it, give it a like or share on social media!



  1. I enjoyed it. It was a very candid podcast on an average American citizen questioning the assassination and the impact it has had up to this day. I hope you bother to listen to this Ralph Stink-gay but that’s wishful thinking as I doubt you will get past the title . Maybe Fetzer can dissect this on his show with Gary KIng like he has done with Len Osanic’s “50 Reasons”. Barring that, another mindless article on his VT Jew-bashing site

  2. Your words were from the heart, I can tell. Very few of us listen to these podcasts to the end, but you have something to say, CC7. I’m a transcript man myself, but make an exception for you. Funny, you don’t have a Brtish accent. Blimey, mate! Wuzzers!

    Jack Kennedy is waiting for his soul to be released from this planet. You, among other social scientists, are the rocket fuel that fights the gravity. Thanks for the energy.

  3. I want to express my complete and utter disgust at the way you have crucified Dr. Ralph Cinque in your podcast
    He’s the shining light of modern JFK research this decade and has is the leading researcher in his field. The way Ralph has cracked open the case with his fantastic analysis on doorman surpasses the work of Mark Lane and Robert Groden by far.

    I think you should offer an apology in any future podcast you do and delete/edit your podcasts where you mention Ralph Cinque in a bad light. Plus why are you supporting the lone gunman theory by naming your podcast like that? Are you sure you’re not working for the other side?

    ( Ralph Cinque has not put me up to this in writing to you. I wrote under my own volition to defend this fine man and All-American hero of JFK assassination research)

      • Look all I know is Ralph is fighting for the truth and you are tearing him down for no reason. Obviously you are hardheaded and like bullying him. Just stop that and smearing his name non-stop.
        You can’t deny he has proven the Altgens baby as 100% phony. It was just inserted to cover up Jack Ruby. Only somebody dripping in Kennedy’s blood would say otherwise

      • Ralph is an idiot…Ralph needs to have an impartial, accredited and respected PHOTO ANALYST PROVE BEYOND DOUBT THAT THE ALTGENS OR ANY OTHER PHOTO OR FILM WAS FAKED OR ALTERED REGARDING THE EVENTS AFTER THE ASSASSINATION TO EVER BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY… Ralph’s amateurish and laughably WRONG “research” is a joke…just like he is!

      • Ralph Cinque is well versed in photographic analysis and is aided by Richard Hooke. Anyone can see the fakery right here as illustrated by the great Dr. Ralph Cinque.

      • No he’s a fake ass doctor that starves people for money on his palatial Buda plantatation from ill gotten gains who also sells non-FDA approved supplements on the internet…also does not know the difference between is bellybutton and asshole…

      • Ralph Cinque has done it again. He has exposed another piece of photograph fraud right here. You’ve just got to admire the hardest working JFK researcher. The sheer amount of posts he made last month was extraordinary

        It’s obvious this picture was kept hidden from view for the last 50 years in an attempt to draw the eyes away from the fake Altgens baby and mother. David Von Pein , like Ralph says in the article, is the man behind this. Another win for Ralph Cinque and JFK truthers

      • Ralph logic….since I can’t see it, her arm doesn’t exist and the picture is fake…somebody give this man the dumbass of the year award now. There will be no other worthy competition….

      • Look all I know is Ralph Cinque is the most honest JFK researcher who gets attacked unmercifully from all directions . Just delete your nasty podcasts or it won’t be very bueno for you. I’m sure you don’t want to be inundated with people protesting against your vicious attacks on this fine man

    • Great job Robin! In Ralph’s mind I’m sure he thinks women are weak, pathetic creatures incapable of holding their own child for a prolonged period of time…most mothers I kniw can do it for hours…their hips bear the brunt of the weight….add sexist to the list of things Ralph is!

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