Jack Ruby, It’s One or the Other by Rob Clark



What can eight years do to a man? The tough guy on the right from 1954, appears to epitomize the mafia gangster persona…he looks like he would break your kneecaps if you crossed him or didn’t pay up on time. The guy on the left, has already started his downward spiral, and would be dead in four short years. Was the stress of trying to run “legitimate” businesses in Dallas and turn a profit for his “bosses”, finally wearing the former tough guy down? The guy who wouldn’t blink twice at a deal when there’s money to be made, even if it means running guns to Cuba or brokering supply deals with Fidel Castro?


When it comes to Jack Ruby killing Lee Oswald in the basement on 11/24/63, there is no doubt he did it…hell, he was captured on live network television doing it. The question then becomes his motivation…

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