This blog has been edited and posts deleted due to several legal notices received at the behest of Lenny Pozner, father of alledged Sandy Hook massacre victim Noah Pozner. Citing  “copyright infringement” from a photo posted publicly on his Facebook account and interestingly a June 2014 Google+ photo from his account when my blog post containing said photo, was posted a year and a half before he posted it. The photo in question has been used via the “fair use policy” by almost every news outlet on the planet when a story on Sandy Hook victims run, including somehow, one from Iran or Iraq portraying him as a victim. The true events and facts surrounding Sandy Hook are by many, not satisfied yet. The fact this event was used to spur on the attempted destruction of our 2nd Amendment rights means that it not only affected those directly involved, but everyone in this Nation. You wanna blame somebody Lenny? Blame the school for not protecting your child better, having cluttered rooms, and letting the kids breathe in asbestos 8 hours a day…Sue the State of Connecticut for not having better mental health protocols for obviously disturbed kids… Sue the Father Peter Lanza who chose to leave behind his own son and abandon his family and contribute to the mental deteriation of his disturbed offspring and chose to write a check every month instead of being involved in his child’s life…Sue the paramedics and first responders for not following protocol and getting these kids to the hospital as quickly as possible to try lifesaving techniques. You parents singling out truth seekers and people who don’t buy the official story, should be thanking people like us doing the heavy lifting and demanding the truth to hold those accountable that you parents have chosen not to do. So please enjoy the donations and all that gifted money from your fellow taxpayers that Obama gave you, and move on. Another desperate money grab…

If you were truly worried about the events of that day, you’d be standing along side us and demanding the truth or moving forward with appropriate lawsuits against the aforementioned entities who were negligent and could have protected your son. Demand answers and accountability from them… Not from citizens demanding the truth and trying to figure out what happened that day to ensure that if in fact things are not as they seemed, our rights as Americans are not trounced and taken away. I understand your frustration, but you are not the first person that lost a son or daughter too soon. It happens everyday from accidents, disease, and senseless acts of violence. I for one have never bothered the parents, even when you and others came on with Sandy Hook Hoax to answer questions, I abstained. The reason we ask questions is because those of us with our eyes open understand the Government has done this kind of thing before to achieve their various agendas. Operation Northwoods was proposed but never enacted 50 years ago to spur on a war with Cuba. The Project for a New American Century laid out the plans for a catastrophic event that would garner support for their Middle Eastern agenda… 9/11 was that event. The Iran/Contra scandal…guns for drugs…done by elements of our government. RFK shot at close range FROM BEHIND by a shooter in front, the proof is in Coroner Thomas Naguci’s autopsy report. A Civil Court in the late 90’s concluded MLK was killed as a result of a conspiracy likely involving our own government. I could go on, but hopefully you get the picture as to why some people would be skeptical given all the shoddy handling of Sandy Hook. Was it calculated or ineptitude? Either way, that’s who you should be angry with… that’s who should be at the brunt of your questions and angst…either way, all posts concerning Sandy Hook have been removed to avoid your legal bullying. I truly am hopeful that one day you find peace.